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How do users rate their tyres? We have been creating a database of independent reviews by our users since 1999. Thousands of drivers use it when choosing new tyres for their vehicles.

Winter tyres ranked by users

The list below comprises the highest-rated winter tyres. The assessment is based on our users' ratings. To date, we have gathered more than 50,000 independent user reviews. Find out what are the best winter tyres according to users:

Summer tyres ranked by users

The list below comprises the highest-rated summer tyres. The assessment is based on our users' ratings. To date, we have gathered more than 50,000 independent user reviews. Find out what are the best summer tyres according to users:
What factors should you consider?
Car tyres face an abundance of expectations from the consumer. This is just one of the many reasons why tyre reviews and car tyre tests are so important. Knowing the right tyre size or other parameters is one thing, knowing their actual driving comfort and performance is another. There’s definitely more to say about a given tyre than what the tyre label shows.

Not sure which tyre to buy? Check our independent tyre reviews - it’s a great way to find out how the tyre does in practice. Here you can see the reviews submitted by our customers.

Combine the reviews with professional tyres tests for a comprehensive view. For the best tyre comparison results, you can also search a specific tyre manufacturer.

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Dębica Frigo 2
Dębica Frigo 2 Overall rating by Piter 4.4 111140 (3474)
I got these tyres from the previous season, so the car now, because I bought Conti 830 (DISASTER for the winter, which I had no junk). Behavior Frigo 2 last season (about 25 Tkm) was sensational on the front, I was not even as good winter tyres (unless the same tread in UG5, years ago). So now the snow behaved flawlessly, although you need to take into account the possibility of a small "walk" back to the gaps, especially in the wet snow, rain or dry (greater speed on the hatch). But at this price, and at an angle of tyres for the winter, these are Excellent tyres, it will surely tyre next season 2012/2013. 830 Cotni with them as better or summer tyre for all seasons. Confident once rode a big Fiat on universal tyre from Olsztyn now than Conti 830, seriously. Uphill driveway, riding on the snow is a disaster, the lack of certainty at all times. That's why I recommend only Frigo 2, it's really a revelation for the winter, especially if someone has to ride on the snow. Strings may safely lie in the trunk with these tyres. Yours.
Continental ContiSportContact
Continental ContiSportContact Overall rating by Robert 5.0 11111 (84)
Hello to all readers opinions. I had a big problem with the choice of summer tyres could not decide, however, I thought of more expensive tyres and I'm very glad I bought ContinentalsportContact and I'm in shock still great tyres so I never had and I know that already next I choose the same or a very good grip when cornering on a simple go like on rails in the wet sensational drains water really the same advantages if someone asks you to buy tyres Continental SportContact recommend these tyres are worth every amount really worth'm glad that in the end I will not have to read the opinion of the other tyres because I have not yet subject to I recommend once sometimes you make a little more money on tyres and have peace of mind for a long time. Regards undecided.
Continental ContiPremiumContact
Continental ContiPremiumContact Overall rating by kopyt 4.2 111120 (526)
Now I can write something about this tyre because I have been using it for some time now. Generally, there's only one thing I can say - they're marvellous! I bought my car with Matador tyres fitted and I threw them out quickly as they were completely useless - I really feared to use those. Continental ContiPremiumContact give me a feeling of safety and driving comfort. I've been using them for the third season now and nothing happens to them, I can't se emuch wear. I think it's a credit of ABS and ASR. It's hard for me to say how would the tyre behave on cars without these systems. Also, I noticed that they behave even better if they get filled with nitrogen - their grip is just spectacular, then, not even a small screech. I can definitely recommend Continental ContiPremiumContact tyres as a great choice for every driver, especially for those who have powerful cars with large engines.