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Summer tyres: Apollo

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Recently added reviews

excellent value
Opinion tonybekk: 4.4 111140

great performance on noise level good handling on fast speed good grip even on my m3 would recommend this tyre would use these again more »

I was looking for cheep tyres and tried this ones
Opinion Joe Blogs: 4.8 111180

Good Tyres For Price seems to be ok for the type of car, Balanced on wheels ok, not two noisy depends on type of road surface more »

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Winter tyres: Apollo

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Recently added reviews

Very good economical tyres
Opinion Tina Hooper: 4.3 111130

I am very happy with my winter tyres I certainly feel a lot safer on the busy fast dangerous roads I have to drive to work more »

good value for money.
Opinion LDH: 4.8 111180

As qualified fitter for over 30 years very impressed in all aspects. more »

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All season tyres: Apollo

Popular models of all season tyres Apollo

All models of Apollo all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion Rimantas Miezis: 4.8 111180

I bought these tyres and never was disappointed, definitely it was a good decision. more »

A solid tires for the whole year at an affordable price.
Opinion Sebastian: 4.2 111120

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For a long time I hesitated over these tires. Because of my occasional sharp driving style I was not convinced to buy year-round. But we took a chance. I must admit that the tire really surprises me a plus. It is quiet, well-made, well-suppressing inequality. The snow is doing very well. As a typical winter tire. On a dry fantastic. The wet 4+. It gives a break only at a very rapid reloaded in the rain. But the year also was swept away (car quite strong and large 130KM). Auto on these tires is carried out securely. Nothing swings or jumps. There were no problems with balancing. I do not judge only because of its durability too little km passed. So far did not disappoint even during downpours on the highway. I was afraid that they would be loud. Meanwhile, the noise level is definitely not larger than summer tires. I would recommend and certainly would buy himself a second time. I took a chance because it's new and it was not any comments or tests. I do not regret. more »

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