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Summer tyres: Yokohama

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All models of Yokohama summer tyres

Recently added reviews

brilliant on my golf gti
Opinion ian reynolds: 3.9 111900

always had goodyear eagle f1 assymetric 2 but found thease yokohoma v105 going cheap 4 brand new for 200 quid.only snag all way down in cornwall I live in London.48 hr courier and 40 pound send tyres turn up mint as lover of goodyear so hard for me to change mind but on car they look lovely and winter fast approaching soon tell what like somehow I don't think get same mileage as good years I had over 20,000 miles then mot advisory.late summer they grip well raining or not may be a little louder 72db against 69db but hey on the Essex country lanes my golf is like japan bullet train and when hit middle pedal car pulls up dead straight without fuss.i even take hands off wheel and tracking spot on it drives itself not bad for 100,000 mile golf.all in all even full price 82 each I recommend goodyears are 95.still carry on through winter but can only say im well pleased.200 quid was bargain and they should last me well yokohoma you have impressed me from my goodyear days.without a doubt thease are good tyres recommend to anyone on sports car you need good rubber.yokohoma hope I get mileage out them but impressed so far and im sporty driver more »

Cracking tyre....
Opinion Stevee M: 4.7 111170

I purchased these to go on the front of my ST as i had pilot super sport already on the back (another brilliant tyre from openeo) but when my s-drives arrived i noticed that they looked a very wide tyre for the size (205) so i got them fitted on wheels at local garage .. Got home and i took my wheel with the michelin sports on off and compared the width to my wheel with the s-drive ... I was pleasantly surprised to see that the s-drives were a good inch wider than the super sports even though both tyres were the same size 205/45/17 ... So i put the s-drives on the back and switched the super sports to the front .... My ST now looks awesome at the back with the wider tyres whilst having superb look and grip on the front from the pilot super sports ... another happy customer oponeo 😀👍 more »

Winter tyres: Yokohama

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Recently added reviews

Very good tyres. I do recommend them.
Opinion LukeSky: 4.1 111110

I decided to purchase the Yokohama V905 and I do not regret my decision. I will write about my first impressions connected with these tyres. The size I bought is 195/65R15. The tyres prevent from aquaplaning phenomenon. Their grip in wet conditions is surprisingly good as for Yokohama tyres. I think they cannot be compared to my summer Pirelli PZero but they are still very good. According to the review by ADAC magazine the Yokohama V905 is the best winter tyre for wet roads. I do agree with this opinion. Despite the fact that in the most demanding weather conditions like deep snow, slush and ice the ABS and ESP systems of my vehicle had to activate from time to time, the tyres have never contributed to a dangerous situation on the road. I feel safe having them mounted on the wheels. Moving off in snow causes no problems. Braking distance is pretty short even in wet conditions. The weak point is cornering in snow but it may be associated with the fact that my vehicle is FWD, not AWD. The tyres are not too noisy. The rubber compound is rather hard. However, they are still comfortable. I have done approximately 6000 miles on these tyres and I have not noticed any serious signs of wear. Good value for money. I do recommend these tyres to everybody. more »

I would absolutely recommend these tyres to everybody.
Opinion Curtiz: 4.2 111120

This is the second set of Yokohama tyres in the family. My wife uses 903 model in her car and she is very happy. I have the Yokohama V905 in a larger vehicle. The tyre cannot be beaten. I had some Nokians WR2 previously mounted on my car but they were not as good as Yokohama. Only Yokohama gives me confidence on the road. These tyres provide great traction in all conditions, no matter what happens on the road. After driving one winter season (I admit that the winter was rather mild) I can say that the tyres have never let me down. The tyres are good in dry and wet conditions. They are excellent in snow. These winter tyres are rather not designed for driving aggressively. Maybe they have a little bit too soft rubber compound but I am not surprised as they must be more soft than summer tyres as they were designed especially for winter conditions. more »

All season tyres: Yokohama

Popular models of all season tyres Yokohama

All models of Yokohama all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Author:Vladimir Dimitrov
Opinion Vladimir Dimitrov: 5.0 11111

Very good tyres. On a good price. So fare happy for now. more »

Excellent value tyres
Opinion christopher smith: 4.7 111170

Good all round tyre - very durable more »

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