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Summer tyres: Dayton

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Excellent tire for b. Reasonable money
Opinion Tomasz Szymański: 4.5

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Buying tires leaned on the recommendations of my friend. Just as I did not seem a million coins for the next tires to the car, but did not want to buy used. After a long comparison, I had to choose = Nankang, or Dayton. Dayton is a brand belonging to the Bridgestone Group. Specifically, my tires were made in Poznan. And now, in a nutshell what I think about them - noisy but b. Well drainage. On dry roads, the size 225/40/18, I would have to have the tractor to flip them. Ie. not so that is impossible, but it is definitely harder than the Michelin stimulants. With stimulants, quick start on a simple wheel-spin often ended with new tires, such behavior would have to specifically provoke. There is no point actually compare new and used tires, unless on price, because that in the case of Daytona is sensationally low. Often the search for drugs in this size, prices fluctuated in a bracket 150-250zł (and this is referred to as stimulants!). Tires have a very nice cut of the tread, have extensive water channels and a huge 'dice'. In general - the same appearance tend to trust. Highway speeds are no problem. Overcoming curve is reliable and stable. Tylnionapędowe car poking around, even at 210-220 km / h (in turn). With the DSC, definitely hard to get the car to signal loss of adhesion. I know it is a matter of the car, but I'll just add that the tires used has this determination often. What b. Positively surprised me - it's drainage. Only when it starts to drizzle, my finger longer automatically lands on the DSC. And so far as the other tires brands, eg.: Dunlop and Michelin, we had to actually fight ahead in overcoming "sides", so the new Daytona allow easy control of the front of the car and enjoy the maneuverability, even when provoked slides. The fact is that my other tires were much lower tread. Rubber compound is doped silica - that I found out before buying. I like to say, it can be felt. They are loud but nice stick. Driving style I quite aggressive, and often changing tires. This set definitely serve me 000+ about 30 km. For the money I do not have any objections. Just bought this car usually used tires, because the damage I was at two months to change the back of the set. With daytonami on the rear axle I have a lot of meat to dispose of this. And no doubt profitable to buy them. more »

Opinion Krzysiek: 1.8

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I'm disappointed (though you can expect the tyre cheaper), the more that I read earlier positive evaluation. Tyre good only for a very quiet, emeryckiej driving. Soft like plasticine: on the front axle - auto turn late and it gets dangerously podsterowne on the rear axle - the ruts back begins to "poke" in the corner is not known if the back does not overtake the front (it's all in dry conditions). Excess that I have listed a set of shock absorbers and set geometry, any slack in the suspension, the car is accident-free. Previously I had Michelin MXT and ignoring the behavior in the wet compared to the "rubber band" was a revelation, like winter tyres, which have now (Dunlop Wintersport) - after changing the winter to the summer Daytona realized that something was wrong - the car winter goes like on rails, any unexpected reaction, just honey. For daytonach nightmare - it's a ring ... "Plastusie" rather than the tyre. One plus, is that where they are silent. To sum up - reborn PURCHASE, same anymore I do not buy them. Actually, they should withdraw from the sale of these plastusie (for security reasons). PS As for the positive ratings I think that speaker did not have the opportunity pojeźdzć to "normal" tyres. Regards more »

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Winter tyres: Dayton

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Very good tyres
Opinion Marko: 4.7

Very good tires, with great price. In snow they are very reliable, and I used them this winter in the snow, wet, and dry conditions. In the snow, they are great. My only drawback to them is they produce some noise only in 73 km/h. more »

Good snow tyres
Opinion Momcilo, Serbia: 3.9

Not much km done on them, but definitely a good choice, especially considering the price. more »

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