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Summer tyres: Triangle

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Triangle TR918
revelation in every wzgledem.polecam and again recommend
Opinion chivers: 4.9

I live in dublin, asphalt road with a strange, very sharp, clear rain here 333 days a year, briefly and sensational temat- tire for a good price-to wet August holds great road-dry-snow even better too With more well- no to ice it is known fact that no tire does not work, but it will give notice also ride on the road oblodzonej.baa-up work on the ground in the mud. strange asphalt (I live on the deep province) means the cast is sharp and dry, only cars and cure him of such surfaces can be done at most 30 thousand. miles, I 25 I exchanged for the same (tread jeszczze was-but I care about the safety of travel) generated by some strange tire others doing max-12 thousand, on the company's expensive, or not more like 25, not to mention about nadlewanych record .... u buddy is 3 Thousands, these are my 2 tires for this car and ordered the same for my kobitki, for Rover, do not be afraid of Chinese tire shop, really worth it, moreover, as you buy it you will see, of course, you have to track pressure and balance. and besides also looks nicely, greetings from dublin green. more »

Triangle TR918
Opinion Leno: 4.2

tyre really cool for people who like to revel, BC very high speed rubber holds the road well, auto cool beats every turn, during acceleration and braking as well without any problems, to recommend it to everyone I can. more »

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Winter tyres: Triangle

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Triangle Snow Lion
Opinion Pewex: 3.4

I bought it for £ 106 piece - 2 pieces previously ridden the pourers Technic - no more tinctures, even before the Fuldach Montero 2 - rewelka but the price alone says it all. Well, before the Triangle were wielozesonowe michelin 5 mm tread, and compared to those zimowek to hopelessness. As for the balance there were no problems. Nothing beats nothing shakes. Hmm noise louder than wielosezonowki, than the summer, but this winter rubber in comparison to a whole lot quieter tinctures. Sure are a little bit slippery but it's at the beginning of the assumption that no longer feel. I do not know what's the problem with the previous oponiodawca think how to buy gum for £ 110 as it will be for 190 zl - oh a big mistake evaluating tyres Take into account the price and class. Most importantly these tyres are soft not hard like winter Drug Minimum Age for 90 zl. I bought does not regret not feel too much difference between fuldami. For this price I sincerely recommend. Moreover, the winter as it is now what kind of winter. more »

Triangle Snow Lion
Opinion nexgen: 4.2

I do not know what you Driven other drivers in front of me and behind me on the road and I was very interested ... I bought a few times already, and none of these tyres for the conditions on the road I do not have objections to them .. My lowest score is 4 (keep on ice) and the other is 5 or 6 .. winter in dry conditions przypredkosci 170 -180 km / h zadziwijąca peace and quiet with no apparent noise rolling ... abrasion slightly higher than the competition but if you buy a standard of soft rubber tyres ... the water behave perfectly and the snow (or moving the brake) super clean up and carry away water and mud .... So for the money is a joy .. and if I tell someone with such kleber is better to agree but better by 10%? and for the more expensive 200% more »

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