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Summer tyres: Roadstone

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Roadstones, thumbs up
Opinion Paul240480: 3.1 111100

Bought a set of these in Dec' 09. 25,000 miles on and they are starting to show their age. If it had been summer I would happily have rolled another 5k with them. With the onset of winter...... I have replaced them with a pair of Khumo's, (only down to the fab pricing on here). The tyre fitter today was impressed with the mileage I had achieved with the Roadstones & commented on how string 'bead' still was when removing them. I would buy them again, it remains to be seen how well the khumo's 'go'... I may still return to Roadstones in the future! more »

Opinion Paul240480: 2.7 117000

Had a pair of these fitted to an 850 (front) by an independent fitter, who reccommended them. I ran them for 2&1/2 years. After circa 26k miles they were getting low, but still legal. I bought some Kumho tyres from and the fitter could not beleive how 'strong' the Roadstones were when removing them. more »

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Winter tyres: Roadstone

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very good all weather tyre
Opinion d. wittenberg: 3.7 111700

Very good tyre, did 3,400 miles in 3 days in all weather no problem more »

cheap, but I do not recommend
Opinion Fryta: 2.9 119000

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I bought a toy car on these tires. I used 2 winter seasons, time until late spring. In total, I drove about 25 000 km. These tires are very noisy, especially at higher speeds. Quite unstable when starting especially in wet or dry conditions. Auto clear is slipping, even for two. The inhibition can not complain - I felt them relatively safe, but rather approached them carefully (do not command the confidence, but skidded never dropped in on them). The snow cope decently, traveled with snow buried the parking lot was not a bigger problem, but enough to make the snow was well packed and slippery and starts trouble. In addition, they are very sensitive to the rut (especially at higher, but allow speed regulations). The disadvantage is a relatively rapid wear of the tread. Previously, I had other toy car and compared with those used there Fuldami the judge poorly. Definitely not to my liking. more »

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