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Summer tyres: BFGoodrich

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All models of BFGoodrich summer tyres

Recently added reviews

Amazed in every aspect
Opinion Marcin/Dolny Śląsk: 4.1

Hi. Before buying these tyres myself, I spent a lot of time comparing offers and later reading through Your comments. I drive a tall car as for a passenger car of course:-) (citroen berlingo II) and the tyre must be good enough so that the car does not swim. In the beginning, I chose Nokian Line in size 205/65 R15 (the original manufacturer's size for summer). After fitting them, I immediately felt uncomfortable driving! The car was skidding along the road, left then right, but I had the steering wheel in my hands and I knew I had to drive straight! It turned out that two of the tyres have a manufacturing defect. I made a complaint and (oponeo) found out that two of them were good and two were not. I got a refund for the defective tyres and the good tyres were sent back to me (oponeo covered the shipping costs both ways). I decided to sell the two tyres (because my confidence was compromised, and we all probably don't have time for such stories) and buy a new set of tyres. I looked through the comments again and finally decided to buy BFGoodrich G-Grip 195/65 R15 95 T XL. For my car this size is recommended for winter, but hey, what gives;-) And these tyres turned out to be a hit! I bought them in April. Now it is the beginning of October and I have driven about 10,000 kilometres. I live outside the city, I commute to work every day, then around the city, then back home. They have also proved their worth on longer trips of 500 km a day. After fitting, the car drove like a charm! (despite the fact that the precision of the steering system in the Berlingo is not exactly perfect) On a dry road it drives superbly. On wet I'll write frankly that somewhere in there I'm not entirely sure, but that's only at too high a speed (so above 120). Tread wear: after 10,000 on the rear axle (I didn't measure in detail), no wear is visible. The front a bit more, but to my eye they will last three seasons at my mileage for sure. Fuel consumption...the increase was certainly not there! depends on each individual...I have no complaints. I'm driving my family around and I feel comfortable not thinking about the fact that there can be something wrong with the tyres! So that's what it's all about! Regards. more »

Excellent tire in the rain
Opinion Pawel 34: 4.8

I have covered about 11,000 km on these tyres. I have had Michelin and Dunlop tyres before so I have a point of reference. The two mentioned were basically inaudible, and they wore out very quickly. BF Goodrich tyres can be heard in a certain range of speeds, in my car about 70-90 km/h, depending on the road surface, but it is not a tragedy. Above these speeds the noise of the car makes the tyres basically inaudible. What I can say for sure is that the tyres are superb on wet roads. In the pouring rain, the traction control system is not even engaged when I drive into a rut full of water, whereas on the Dunlops it was sometimes a bit funny. When it comes to rolling resistance - fuel consumption - the BFGoodrich does indeed have more resistance. In my car, which is quite heavy (205/60/16 tyres), the average fuel consumption increased from 6.5 to 7.3-7.5 litres (mixed 50/50 road/city driving, often more urban). If I were to choose tyres for the second time in this price range I would not hesitate, once again BFGoodrich. Exceptional grip/water evacuation - which was a priority for me and low tyre wear. Recommended more »

Winter tyres: BFGoodrich

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Recently added reviews

Author:Barry Keeling
Opinion Barry Keeling: 5.0

This is the second set of these Tyres i have fitted to this vehicle, because i live in an area were we get snow and ice and this vehicle only covers 5000 miles/year (this is a second car) so the tyres are on all year round. more »

generally a good tyre
Opinion Ian F: 4.0

Wear on the inner edges excessive otherwise tread overall good after many miles more »

All season tyres: BFGoodrich

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All models of BFGoodrich all season tyres

Recently added reviews

The product is recommendable.
Opinion Andrew: 4.5

As for all-season tyres they are ok, I was afraid of the winter conditions that they could not cope with bad weather, but winter has often surprised and has not let go so far. March 19 and the layer of snow is about 25 cm and for example, yesterday I was able to leave without problems and calmly without problems and drive about 30 km in the field on the curve of the road, but it still depends on the vehicle in which it is mounted. more »

I am happy with the choice of these tires.
Opinion Sam: 5.0

With previous tyres, I had a not satysfying feeling of driving conditions, I even inclined to visit a mechanic in terms of checking suspension components, but after replacing with new tyres, all disturbing situations have passed. The car is firmly on the road, the fuel consumption has dropped slightly and I can definitely confirm that the braking distance has been reduced. Today, I recommend these tyres to everyone. more »