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Summer tyres: GT Radial

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good all round tyres
Opinion William Simpson: 3.3 111300

It's the first time I have used this make of tyre and I am happy say that i have not had any issues with them,they are fairly quiet and have plenty of grip in the wet and dry. I would certainly recommend them . more »

Capable budget tyre
Opinion MS: 3.4 111400

Haven't had them too long but made a few thousand miles and no appreciable wear. Good grip on good conditions. Not a snow/slush tyre but then it's not supposed to be. No complaints for day to day driving. more »

Winter tyres: GT Radial

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Recently added reviews

Cheap and good
Opinion Kierna: 3.9 111900

Ididn't drive on these for long with my 200 horsepower car, but they really behaved good on the snow - I tested it just in very high mountains because I was in Megeve and there's obviously a lot of snow. No problems with adhesion, tyre is quiet and did not disturb on a long trip from Poland to France. For this price it's an excellent purchase. I would recommend them! more »

Great Value
Opinion CRQ: 4.2 111120

I highly recommend this tyre model for every SUV driver who likes long distances on country roads and / or highways. You don't realize that you are travelling with a winter tyre. The balanced properties make it a real alternative to expensive brand tyres that are clearly lower in comparison. It is great value for money. Conclusion: I drive on these tyres all year! more »

All season tyres: GT Radial

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