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Summer tyres: Continental

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Improved Fuel Efficiency and Reduced Noise
Opinion Sean P. Kersten: 4.4 111140

I purchased these tire for my VW van, 2007 VW Caravelle with longer wheel base based on information I found about other conti tires and the on the Conti website. My first long trip from Switzerland to Italy was amazing, improved fuel efficiency, good handling in rain and reduced noise from previous all season tires. I would recommend these tires. more »

Opinion Piasek: 4.2 111120

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For suchum I have no objections. had a great run. They are very predictable, no nosing or swimming if you ride in very hot days, on hot asphalt. For this quiet. On a wet ... going about 130 km / h in the rain on the A2 have not noticed any ill effects ... Auto does not fly, do not lead him ... Calmly responds to every movement of the steering wheel moves and precisely when the chosen track (well it shows the discharge of water) but ... happened to me in an emergency braking situation on the approach to the lights in the rain (car without ABS `u) n and the wheels blocked and immediately after the auto suneło forward like hockey ... There was no resistance to feel that the vehicle brakes or anything ... However, it may also be the fault of the surface: water-filled ruts and asphalt on the surface as smooth as glass ... But ... You have to be careful. In all other conditions, the tyre behaves perfectly ... For comparison, I would not recommend Barum Vanis ... Wet even move because I can not immediately breaks przyczeponość tyre ... ao braking, emergency braking can we forget. So this Continenntal compared with Barum falls sensational ... more »

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Winter tyres: Continental

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Good year round
Opinion David Molyneux: 4.6 111160

I was driving to Germany in Christmas 2014 so had to buy winters but I only do around 5000 miles per year so didn't want the expense of separate wheels and both winter / summer tyres. I checked Continental's UK website and they recommended in the UK, if you are only to run one set of tyres, winters would be preferable. I purchased the 830Ps after seeing them rated top in a number of winter reviews but, more importantly, finished above budget brands in a summer tyre review (most people are concerned about winter performance in summer). Personally, I have had no trouble on these tyres, they have gripped well in all conditions from sub zero to 25 degrees c in the summer and in both wet and dry. Note, I have not driven in snow but would expect them to perform well. I have a reasonable right foot and like a good brisk drive through the countryside occasional :-) - in terms of wear, I just had a check up at local BMW dealer and after nearly 1 year and 5k miles the fronts are still close to 8mm and backs are at 7mm so plenty of wear left. I have a mix of mainly town traffic driving but occasional 200 mile motorway journeys. The are quite noisy and I do feel a little more bumpy than previous summer tyres but overall not to the point of being annoying. If you're looking for winters at normal tyre sizes without having to buy two sets then I thoroughly recommend these tyres for your BMW. more »

1. Reassuring tire with a high safety standar
Opinion Garry: 4.6 111160

The size of my Continental ContiWinterContactTM TS830 tyres is 185/65R15. The tyres have very soft rubber compound - I thought that I would destroy the tyre when I accidentally hit a hole. The behaviour of the tyres in dry conditions at 90 MPH is marvellous. They are almost inaudible and do not mix with the sound of the engine (1.9 DCI). I also had an emergency situation at ca. 50 MPH - I had to make a sudden maneuver, and the car didn't swerve at all. The car behaved exactly as I wanted. The behaviour of Continental ContiWinterContactTM TS830 on wet surface is also very predictable. I could drive through deep puddles of water without any problems. Braking is also good. They don't fall into aquaplaning, both during sudden braking (ABS is switched on, of course) and in the corners. And now the best. Behaviour on snow. Paved road, snow, speed of 45 MPH and the car behaves as if it was on dry surface, even in tight corners! I had a situation where the guy behind me was driving an Audi 80, I don't know what tyres he had, but he was on my rear bumper almost till the end, where he swerved off into the outside lane (luckily it was free). When it comes to behaviour on ice, of course there will be no miracle and only studded tyres will be good. However, I can recommend Continental ContiWinterContactTM TS830 with a clear conscience. more »

All season tyres: Continental

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All models of Continental all season tyres

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Opinion Ferdinando: 3.0 11100

I have bought Continental ContiProContact tyres as a spare in my Ford Focus 1.4. The Continental ContiProContact offer an excellent grip in cornering and lane changes, they absorb well enough for uneven terrain. Unfortunately Continentals have quite high noise level and the sound is regular and annoying. This increases as the speed increases. Any irregularity of the road increase this annoying noise of the tyres. Only on asphalt perfect noise subsides. I thought it was a bearing problem, but after changing the noise continued. The edges of the tyres rubber began to deteriorate. I am not sure will I buy Continentals in the future. more »

Good tires but ...
Opinion Pippo: 3.8 111800

These tires have been fitted to the company's car in the company which I work for. Continentals are something between summer and winter of Continental's tyres. I never wanted to buy tyres for all seasons as being intermediates for both, do not theoretically well neither "work". These tyres are good on the wet, but not necessary on dry surfaces. If it's too hot the tread is wearing much quicker. At colder temperatures they are much better. In essence, depends on the use and where you live. I would recommend these Continental ContiProContact tyres to users driving mostly in the city. more »