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Delfin DK 5000
great tires
Opinion Stefano Damico: 4.6

From new seemed a bit 'soft and inaccurate in small steering angles, but after a few thousand kilometers have changed, probably because they are slightly worn. Now the steering is accurate as tires to grade. Very low noise level, good comfort, aesthetically beautiful, very good price for the measure 215-55-16 of my Mercedes. Needless to spend more, the next tire change definitely will buy them ', and I prefer them to also brand used tires. I noticed that little is consumed, after 12,000 km are practically new. Very useful the side profile that protects the rim from damage. Note that in the acquired measurement is reinforced tires, car for large and heavy as mine is certainly useful. When I have time I will write a post on my personal blog, dedicated to these tires, in order to highlight the undoubted quality and very affordable price. more »

Delfin DK 5000
As for the price - would recommend.
Opinion Stormwind: 3.8

How cheap tires - pretty good. They hold the road well, not too loud and quite lively - but too long for them, yet I do not drive. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages - you have to pay attention to whether the assumption and inflated tire retains shape - in my kit was the one that slightly "zbaloniała", which translates to compromise on comfort of traveling at speeds above 120 km / h ... On a daily basis But I move in urban and non-urban, and on such routes as possible about. more »

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