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Summer tyres: Uniroyal

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Uniroyal Rainsport 3
great tires
Opinion Leszek: 5.0

Very low price in relation to the superior performance. I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised at the quality. more »

Uniroyal Rainsport 3
I would not exchange it for another one.
Opinion Piotrek: 4.5

After the season of use, the tire met all the requirements that I put before buying tires. In dry conditions, the car is very well-tamped with asphalt, but we only know the tire's class when the surface is wet and the possibility of sliding increases, these conditions are not terrible for the tires, the car behaves as if it did not make any difference to weather conditions behind the glass . The tires are very quiet and I noticed a 10% reduction in fuel consumption, which also pleases my wallet. As for the appearance of the tread, not only that it was designed well enough to perfectly drain water, it still looks remarkable and enjoys the eye, it is certainly not boring, the tire. I encourage you to buy these tires, after using the current one I will definitely order a set of the next ones. more »

Winter tyres: Uniroyal

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Uniroyal MS Plus 66
Very very solid
Opinion Joseph: 4.4

It will probably be the fourth winter I use Uniroyal MS Plus 66, and I surprisingly still have full 6 mm of tread! These are great tyres, they do an excellent job both in extreme mountain conditions - driveways, parking lots covered with ice, drifts, fresh snow - as well as in the city. In the city it can be confirmed by the fact, that I can park my car anywhere, even with the front axle (my car is a front wheel drive) in a deep snow drift, and I will always get out of it without any problems. They disperse water nicely, therefore they fulfill their duties in autumn and early spring. I would like to add that once abroad, I managed to get on a narrow snow-covered bridge, where once was a parking lot and it was the closest to the nearest skiing lift. After crossing the bridge, the car with some trouble but firmly went uphill without stopping through fresh snow with slippery old ice underneath - you know what I mean, the most treacherous and slippery type. I was driving and I was surprised that there were no tyre marks. Eventually, I arrived to my destination. In the place where the parking lot was once, now it was only a rent-a-ski shop and service. In front of it there was a Subaru Impreza, which is known obviously for its 4WD drive and its good traction. The guy form the service got out very surprised that I managed to get up there, as he was checking the snow, talking something about his car and checking my Uniroyal MS Plus 66 tyres. And I did that without using chains. I only had these tyres fitted, and it happened during my third winter of using them! Uniroyal MS Plus 66 are great tyres for decent price. I can recommend them with a clear conscience. more »

Uniroyal MS Plus 77
Good tires for a good price
Opinion yukon: 3.6

Tyres like tyres, very difficult to subjectively assess. Everyone hears what he wants to hear, and only the owner can assess the tyres according to his own criteria - after all, everyone drives differently. I prefer rather smooth and fast driving style. With such use of the Uniroyal MS Plus 77 tyre car performed very well. Of course, the width of the tyre affects the behavior on a very slippery surface, but you can also instruct the snow and mud. The appearance of the tyre is very professional, but does not affect its behavior on the road, so Im skipping this description. The tyre is dedicated to the wet road conditions, and in fact the rain is doing well and is not overly prone to aquaplaning. Overall I would recommend the tyre, it is difficult to find such a versatile winter tyre at the right price and the right size. more »

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All season tyres: Uniroyal

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert
Superb tyre can be used in winter and summer !
Opinion Luke: 5.0

I have mounted Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert up for a second car in a family which milage is somewhat over 5000 miles. Previously in our Yaris we have had Debica Passio (in the summer) and Debica Frigo 1 (in winter). What surprised me after the switching to Uniroyals? Silence and driving comfort. It is definately more quiet than the summer tyre, finally don't have to hear the of Debica's humming. On dry they behave like good summer tyres, on the wet they behave perfectly as well. Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert cut through the water like a sharp knife doeas through the butter ... more »

Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert
Great tyres at reasonable price
Opinion Nataly: 4.8

I bought Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert before last winter and I have to say I'm delighted. I drive in the city on a daily basis. On the dry - superb, on the wet the car doesn't loose traction at all which was quite a surprise for me. When i've had an opportunity to drive some snow covered dirt roads i must say there were no troubles at all. The downside is that they can be loud when braking on dry asphalt but otherwise great. I'm curious how will they go through the summer especially the heat. But I hope they will cope as well as in winter. I would honestly recommend them to people who can not afford horrendously expensive tyres. These are great :-) more »

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