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Summer tyres: Uniroyal

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Generally OK, but ...
Opinion B&M: 4.4

Tyres (size 195/65 R15 91 H) I have had those for one season, I have travelled on them about 7.000 km (mainly in the city, but also a few longer holiday trips). On dry and wet surface tyres stick to the surface very well. Noise - up to 120 km / h - quiet; above 130 km / h - a bit more noise, but the noise level is still acceptable (the ears does not hurt, and the radio does not need to be turned up). The appearance does not matter to me, although it presents itself well - the tyre is to be safe and not to look nice. After 7.000 km tyre wear unnoticeable. Overally OK, but ... Previously I used Uniroyal RainSport 2 (on the same car) and thanks for the great impression and experience - I bought their next generation, that is RainExpert 3. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the newer not necessarily became better and that "better" has disappeared from the market. RainExpert 3 was excellent when it comes to grip: absolutely not afraid to go faster in the puddles, or faster to ride in the rut in the rain - they were like glued to the asphalt. With RainExpert 3 I have no such confidence and peace of mind: in such situations I have the impression that the tyres are balancing on the edge of grip the can offer but - surprisingly (and fortunately) - nothing bad ever happens. Moreover - even deliberate attempt to get the car into a light slip did not quite succeeded. Nevertheless, the unpleasant feeling - riding on the ice – doesn’t leave me. If not my previous experience with RainExpert 2, probably RainExpert 3 would recommend. But compared to RainExpert 2- I'm a bit disappointed: maybe I expected too much of them, but the predecessors - RainExpert 2- have set the bar high. Maybe it's a car issue, but to my Vectra - I would rather not buy them again. more »

Author:Harry Kane
Opinion Harry Kane: 4.3

The tyres recommendable especially in wet weather, they were created for such weather conditions. Good lead on dry and wet asphalt, relatively quiet. On the previous generation of Uniroyals I drove even on winter, the bit problem was only on the ice. The only minus for is me that you can not go faster than 90mph, becouse about 100 – 105 mph gently vibrates the steering wheel. Compare to Bridgestone Turanza ER 300 on which I also rode there was no such problem that it was but please notice that was premium class tyre. Uniroyal is a mid-range tyre but it is very close to the premium class. The tyres look really great because of their unique tread pattern When it comes to consumption, driving only the season, so far I have not noticed a bigger consumption. However, I noticed that their grip and braking in dry and wet weather conditions is great. The Uniroyal tyres will not disappoint you. Maybe for such car as mine, I have a BMW and Mercedes rather I should have bought something from higher class but those tyres are ideal in my opinion . In summary, if you can afford to spend more money or you have a very fast car you can buy something better (unless you are driving mostly around the city, then it is not of great importance), The Uniroyal – RainSport 3 tyres are one of the best value for money.What is more, you will feel safety and that is the most important thing. I do recommend these tyres to everybody. more »

Winter tyres: Uniroyal

Popular models of winter tyres Uniroyal

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Recently added reviews

Very good product for the current winter
Opinion Michael: 4.2

I ordered Uniroyal MS Plus 77 tyres for the car with my girlfriend one flagship criterion: that they are safe. She is an inexperienced driver, because she has her driver’s license is only for a year, and the car does not even have ABS. So I wanted to buy her best winter tyres as much as possible, especially in difficult conditions - on snow and on wet roads. The silence was an additional criterion, and did not take into account the others. Settled in this price category, the final decision came on Firestone Winterhawk 3 and Uniroyal won because of the constant traction on wet and my personal experience with last year when I bought Rainexperts 3 for the other vehicle. I was not disappointed. Uniroyal MS Plus 77 meet the criteria perfectly and I am very glad that it was not worth to overpay for the premium brands. As for water, it is drained quickly from the tread. Generally, in such conditions, these tyres provide a very high sense of security, as in opposition to Debica Frigo 2. Also in the snow MS Pros reveal that actually should be eligible for the top shelf. Also, for scientific purposes I increased speed on the snow surface from the usual 50 km / h in built-up areas to just over 100, and the car behaved very confident there were no uncertain movements. The fresh snow does not tear grip - you can start with the ones normally, without immediately throwing two. For dry - as for dry - normally, but then you could feel that the tyres are soft because the car slightly swam in the corners. The thing that caught my attention after fitting these tyres was silence in the cabin. Apparently they are classified as typical winter tyres, but I thought in the face of such good performance car will burn more than in summer, and it was so. To sum up - I would recommend Uniroyal MS Plus 77 with a clear conscience. more »

Very very solid
Opinion Joseph: 4.4

It will probably be the fourth winter I use Uniroyal MS Plus 66, and I surprisingly still have full 6 mm of tread! These are great tyres, they do an excellent job both in extreme mountain conditions - driveways, parking lots covered with ice, drifts, fresh snow - as well as in the city. In the city it can be confirmed by the fact, that I can park my car anywhere, even with the front axle (my car is a front wheel drive) in a deep snow drift, and I will always get out of it without any problems. They disperse water nicely, therefore they fulfill their duties in autumn and early spring. I would like to add that once abroad, I managed to get on a narrow snow-covered bridge, where once was a parking lot and it was the closest to the nearest skiing lift. After crossing the bridge, the car with some trouble but firmly went uphill without stopping through fresh snow with slippery old ice underneath - you know what I mean, the most treacherous and slippery type. I was driving and I was surprised that there were no tyre marks. Eventually, I arrived to my destination. In the place where the parking lot was once, now it was only a rent-a-ski shop and service. In front of it there was a Subaru Impreza, which is known obviously for its 4WD drive and its good traction. The guy form the service got out very surprised that I managed to get up there, as he was checking the snow, talking something about his car and checking my Uniroyal MS Plus 66 tyres. And I did that without using chains. I only had these tyres fitted, and it happened during my third winter of using them! Uniroyal MS Plus 66 are great tyres for decent price. I can recommend them with a clear conscience. more »

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All season tyres: Uniroyal

Popular models of all season tyres Uniroyal

All models of Uniroyal all season tyres

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Author:Bert temple
Opinion Bert temple: 5.0

Good more »

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