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Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

Take care of your safety. Change your tyres for a winter set.


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Best winter tyres

Road conditions can change dramatically in the winter. For your own safety, and for the safety of other road users, it’s important to change from summer to winter tyres when that happens. Quality winter tyres can have an immense impact on our driving in harsh winter conditions, including ice and snow, which are a strong possibility even on UK roads.

Our take on the best winter tyres in the UK has been compiled from sales figures and tyre reviews from thousands of Oponeo customers. The products below combine quality, price and longevity to enhance your comfort and enjoyment of driving in the winter. Check out our Top Three Bestsellers:

Winter tyre ranking

The top winter tyres in this list have been rated highly by our consumers for their good performance in winter conditions. The reviews demonstrate a knowledge and an understanding of what makes for great winter tyres in the UK, which has helped us to compile this list for your benefit. Take a look at what UK drivers have to say.

Winter tyres - a quick overview

Tyres can be categorised into premium, medium and economy tyres - each class denotes their overall quality of the materials used, performance level or energy efficiency. Read our blog for more details and check our offer for different tyre segments.

Right now there are over one hundred tyre manufacturers. We compiled the top tyres of the most popular tyre makers, including Continental, Michelin or Goodyear. Check our offer for winter tyres listed by brand.

Why winter tyres?

Why winter tyres?

What are winter tyres? Unlike summer tyres, winter tyres are designed to perform best when the temperature drops below 7°C. This is because winter tyres contain more natural rubber than regular tyres. Their compounds have been created to remain pliable and soft, giving a higher level of grip in colder weather conditions while producing good tyre life. A harder tyre could lead to loss of traction in cooler temperatures.

Do I need winter tyres?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you can use winter tyres all year. While that is entirely your decision, you should know that the best winter tyres are designed to enhance performance in challenging environments through their unique structure and tread pattern. The additional grooves and sipes help to offer grip as well as protection against aquaplaning.

It is equally important to be able to deal with the variety of challenges on the road in the winter, and while most drivers in the UK can adapt their driving style when it comes to ice and snow, damp and wet roads are a different story.

The blocks in winter tyres are created in multiple sizes to help the tyre self-clear its own treads, ensuring the best grip when it bites into the snow. This pattern ensures the snow leaves the tyre, preventing any build up along the tread grooves, which is crucial in the winter.

Winter tyres also feature peripheral grooves, which help remove water and slush from under the vehicle, thereby increasing stability. As far as tread patterns go, these tyres typically use directional or asymmetric tyres. Directional treads help push the snow out while simultaneously providing continued contact with the ground, which results in improved road safety.

Asymmetric tyres have different characteristics on the inner and outer sides of the tread. The inside segments ensure effective water runoff, while the outer edge offers better traction and grip while cornering.

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