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Gremax Max2000
I really recommend it because it is worth with a small budget!
Opinion Marcin_Gdańsk: 3.5

Gremax tyre Max 2000 I bought last summer, at the very beginning around April. I did not have too much money and I hesitated over the choice of branded but used. In the end I decided on tyre brand Gremax but completely new. I bought it for about 180zł/szt. the price received new tyres, under warranty. I once rode on Continental tyres (factory car) and comparing quality and Conti Gemaxów immense difference did not exist. I confirm that I can, and are louder, the truth is that you can feel a slight ruts aquaplaning but at this price you do zdecyowałbym again at 100%. Tyres meet its properties, inhibition of the wet and dry okay. Cornering behavior without charge, at 150km / h may loud but who quickly goes on a daily basis. The second car this year where it will be exchanged tyres and I also decided to buy it for sure. Price and quality are the perfect solution and I repeat -> NEW tyres I can not be the leading manufacturer but do not go on stimulants from Hans tyres from abroad ... I really recommend it .. more »

Gremax Max2000
I am very happy with my purchase
Opinion Tomasz1968: 3.7

Hi, the tyres Gremax Max2000 przejeździłem two seasons. About 7tys km. Mainly route but once or twice in the m-cu episodes were longer route some 500 km. Tyres in the exercise price is perfect, I do not think they are loud, okay tread pattern. The behavior of the curves perfectly. He drove to the other well-known European brands and manufacturers can honestly and are not super great compared to Goodyear and Fulda (I'm such a comparison), but at this price I really recommend. Will new tyres with a new tread than some drugs. After that about 7 thousand km I do not see that there were some wear. I am happy with my purchase and every fly if someone hesitates between stimulants and new but Chinese. more »

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