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Summer tyres: Goodyear

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All models of Goodyear summer tyres

Recently added reviews

I highly recommend these tires
Opinion jamesb: 4.7 111170

Previously, I had a not-so-optimistic view on Gooyear tyres. However, in spring 2013 I had to buy new tyres (size 205/55R16). By reading tests and reviews (only a few back then), I decided to take a risk and buy Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance tyres. Out of two leading brands, Goodyear and Dunlop, I decided to get Goodyear. As for now, I have driven 6500 miles. The grip on any surface type (wet or dry) is very good. Braking is superb, handling is very confident and quite fast, without any delays (but I can feel it’s not as fast as it was on my previous Dunlop SP Sport 01 tyres). The driving comfort on Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance is similar to winter tyres (I use Uniroyal MS 66), so I find it higher than on my previous summer Dunlops. Noise level is relatively low. When it comes to wear, my front tyres wore down by 0,7 mm and rear by only 0,4 mm (I checked them with tread meter after purchase and they were at perfect 8,0 mm). So I find it quite good. My driving style is moderate. Tread pattern is nice, it’s not revolutionary but it’s fine. Sidewall also looks good. Overall, I find Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance worth buying. I personally recommend them despite my point of view about the company, as for now they are good and I am satisfied with the purchase. more »

bad tires ....
Opinion perol: 3.8 111800

Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing problems with Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance from the very start. First of all, they are difficult to balance. I’ve never seen so many weights on a wheel before. Secondly, they have been re-balanced in a few different fitting stations and still, there are vibrations at ca. 70 MPH. I have new wheels, and I have checked them at the station – everything’s fine with them. Generally Goodyear seems to ignore the customers and didn’t ground my complaint. I didn’t get any printouts from measurement devices, only a subjective opinion of a technician based on a road test. I decided to send them for an independent inspection. The tyre can be seen “jumping” clearly on a balancing machine. I definitely not recommend to get Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance tyres, and if you have already bought them, send them for a complaint inspection as soon as you have any doubts about what happens to them. When it comes to the procedure itself, Oponeo did their best in a professional way and I’d like to thank them for it. As I mentioned – I don’t recommend Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance. This was my third set of Goodyear tyres and made me stay away from them for a long time. more »

Winter tyres: Goodyear

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All models of Goodyear winter tyres

Recently added reviews

Good tire for vans
Opinion G0 Mułek: 4.1 111110

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Durable tyre, ie you can not see excessive wear on the last season and half of this season. I started Mercedes Vito 2.3 TD. Starting on wet and dry pavement very good, braking as well. Moving off is not it amazing but correct. Although it was not even a situation that did not move on the ice. We know hockey is just a fancy saves, but also gives the good advice. For transicie I Vredesteiny the same size and there is a lot more of the "madness in the snow" and traction. Vito the fact that never once got stuck in a snowdrift (at his own request he drove in a big snow and the odszuflowaniu car although the tyres came out) or on snow or loose beaten. Overall, a very good tyre. I live outside the city and there is a capital of winter, where the snow embankment and nobody odśnieży. more »

Opinion franek: 4.8 111180

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The head of the tyres has invested in a bakery. I am to him for that very grateful, because I felt really safe. I have to deliver bread in the morning. How do I move on the road is not always plows clear the surface, sometimes also happens to go out of town. Until I rode winter tyres little scared to go faster, therefore, I left early. Now I'm leaving the optimum time'm always on time. I hope that as these tyres have a head wysłużą Goodyeary buy again :) I personally highly recommend them :) more »

All season tyres: Goodyear

Popular models of all season tyres Goodyear

All models of Goodyear all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Great tire, just buy the second set for a new car
Opinion gerth: 4.8 111180

I changed my car to a Zafira with Goodyear Vector 4Seasons fitted to it, and the tyres are simply great. Both In winter and summer I had no problems. Even when going uphill on snow and ice the did sensationally (on summer one I have been spinning out there, and the corner was even more dangerous). It drains water greatly, redusing the risk of aquaplaning, or something like that (the water in ruts), very stable. I did several thousand miles on them, one third of the distance with the trailer attached they are really durable - taking into consideration the fact that I drive safely. If someone really wanted to find drawbacks, summer Continetal ContiPremiumContacts were quieter and looked nicer - Goodyear Vector 4Seasons looks more like a winter tyre, so it's a fact it's not really beautiful. As for fuel consumption difference, I have not noticed any, and if it is, then it's minimal. I definitely recommend! more »

Good tires and probably underestimated.
Opinion Ivan: 4.0 11110

I am writing this review only because of low popularity, and even laughing at all season tyres by some users. The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons are better than just good. In winter they behave like winter tyres - I also used them in mountain area. I had problems with traction twice - on a 10-inch layer of wet snow in the parking lot (but I drove out without any help and didn't waste time as other drivers did). I was afraid that I'll pay the price of good winter grip in summer. But nothing like that happened, I didn't notice the tyre to be softer than typical summer tyre (to cope with this partially, I bought the tyres with higher load index for this size - 94V XL). in corners the drawback of directional tyres can be seen, which is worse side grip. it's hard for me to assess abrasion, because I do not change the tyres so often to see the difference (15 thousand miles per year). more »