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Summer tyres: Goodyear

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Opinion Łukasz Frączek: 4.6

After 12,000 km I can now give an objective opinion on the Goodyear Efficengrip Performance. In my opinion, the biggest advantage is the wet-weather handling. Every puddle and even larger bodies of water are no obstacle for these tyres. Excellent wet grip as well as excellent braking and cornering performance. When it comes to wet surfaces, the tyre is superb. The driving experience has definitely improved. It absorbs small bumps completely and handles larger ones very well. It is certainly more pleasant to drive over bumps without vibrations. Admittedly, this is also due to the fact that the tyre is softer, but I have not noticed too much abrasion. I will be able to describe this after I have driven even more km. As for the fuel consumption, I honestly did not notice any difference. It seems to me that I have not gained in fuel consumption, but probably not lost. In general, the car burns less in summer than in winter and that is where I can see the difference. The only thing I can genuinely complain about with this tyre is the noise. As far as I am concerned, the A class label is definitely overstated. OK, it is a very quiet tyre, but in my opinion up to 100 km. From 100 km upwards, it starts to make noise. When driving a bit faster on the motorway, it is better to keep the windows closed because the noise is not pleasant. And even inside with the windows closed, the noise is very loud. The tyre also has problems with noise. As for the appearance, it gives the car a character. They look great. Generally speaking, although I insist that it is not as quiet as advertised, I can recommend it without any doubt. more »

soft as pudding
Opinion jan kowalski: 3.4

Hello, I put on these tyres because they were lying in the garage covered in dust, it's a fact that the sides are cracked etc so I can't say that they will behave in the same way as new tyres, but judging by one opinion here I don't think there will be much difference. The thing is that the car floats on them. They are so soft that when you take aggressive turns as I like to do, the tyre slips to the side so you feel like you are driving on the rim and not the tyre. I do not recommend this tyre in size 195/50-15 v-index for people with a sporty driving style simply a drama. Some time ago i had the opportunity to drive a barum bravuris 1 on a similar rover 25 compact. i have goodyear on my ibiza and barum simply beats goodyear in terms of tyre performance. it doesn't skid at all in a corner compared to goodyear, when tested at max speed at the top of a racelogic curve, goodyear went sideways at 62 km/h, barum only did 60 km/h and the tyre started to veer slightly outwards (understeer) but stability is 5 classes better and barum is a budget tyre whereas goodyear is premium. I definitely do not recommend these tyres unless you are a pensioner for commuting to church etc. because it must be said that when the temperature is more than 15 degrees they stick really well if it were not for the fact that it bends, which is acceptable for me I would rate this tyre very highly. more »

Winter tyres: Goodyear

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Good tire for vans
Opinion G0 Mułek: 4.1

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Durable tyre, ie you can not see excessive wear on the last season and half of this season. I started Mercedes Vito 2.3 TD. Starting on wet and dry pavement very good, braking as well. Moving off is not it amazing but correct. Although it was not even a situation that did not move on the ice. We know hockey is just a fancy saves, but also gives the good advice. For transicie I Vredesteiny the same size and there is a lot more of the "madness in the snow" and traction. Vito the fact that never once got stuck in a snowdrift (at his own request he drove in a big snow and the odszuflowaniu car although the tyres came out) or on snow or loose beaten. Overall, a very good tyre. I live outside the city and there is a capital of winter, where the snow embankment and nobody odśnieży. more »

Opinion franek: 4.8

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The head of the tyres has invested in a bakery. I am to him for that very grateful, because I felt really safe. I have to deliver bread in the morning. How do I move on the road is not always plows clear the surface, sometimes also happens to go out of town. Until I rode winter tyres little scared to go faster, therefore, I left early. Now I'm leaving the optimum time'm always on time. I hope that as these tyres have a head wysłużą Goodyeary buy again :) I personally highly recommend them :) more »

All season tyres: Goodyear

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All models of Goodyear all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons is better than Vredestein Quatrac 3
Opinion Tomas125: 5.0

Tyres: Vredestein Quatrac 3 <> Goodyear Vector 4Seasons I have driven around 6,000 km on Vredestein Quatrac 3 tyres in a Peugeot 206 front drive and around 60,000 km on Goodyear Vector 4Seasons. My comments on the Vredestein Quatrac 3 compared with the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons - Vredestein tyre compound: softer, more flexible - the tyre has the symptom of riding on "jelly beans" (a little too flexible); this causes instability on acceleration and at speeds above 80 km/h (temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius), the car drifts to the left or right (it drives to the side, which decreases safety); however on potholes, the damping of bumps is slightly better than GoodYear's because of the higher elasticity; - the tyre parameters describe lower rolling noise (approx. 68dB) compared to GoodYear (71 dB): my experience shows that the Vredestein makes more noise due to the cross sipes - there is an irritating rattle (the tyres act a bit like a resonance box e.g. in a guitar - you can hear the noise amplification through the walls of the tyre filled with air / nitrogen); it is a bit like driving a tractor - in GoodYear this was not the case (V shaped tread) - rolling resistance of the Vredestein Quatrac 3 is noticeably higher compared with the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons (the car drives slower - for top speed, it accelerates slower); I would put the petrol consumption at about 0.5 litres/100 km) - the water evacuation from under the wheels on the Vredestein Quatrac 3 is worse (less efficient / less effective) than on the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons. Many users rate these tyres as slightly better than GoodYear, but my experience shows that the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons is the better tyre (particularly in terms of ride comfort). more »

Firmly comfortable and quiet, perfect for a variety of conditions
Opinion Tomas125: 5.0

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons - I've used them for about 60,000 km in summer (above 32°C) and winter (cold, snow and ice) - they perform very well; compared to Pirelli (summer) and Barum (winter) they give a great improvement in ride quality and comfort; very soft on bumps - great damping on uneven surfaces, very good rolling comfort - the car drives like a limousine; I didn't suspect that the quality of the tyre was so important; Rolling noise - noticeably less than previous tyres - these Goodyears are quiet; you can hear the rolling noise - not the noise of the cross sipes - the V shaped tread is angled which makes it quiet; the disadvantage of the V shaped tread is poor drift during hard turns at high speed; the tyres grip the road very well - hard braking - the car stops almost 'on the spot'. (I had to do emergency braking 3 times). I recommend this excellent product. I will now try to put Vredestein Quatrac 3 tyres on the front wheels (drive) as they have the same labels: "E" and "C" (braking) and a similar volume of 68/69 dB - but a different tread shape - on the front axle they shouldn't bear down on sharp turns. Practice - will show what these tyres are worth. I'll leave the Goodyear Vectors on the rear axle. more »