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Summer tyres: Vredestein

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Recently added reviews

Hmmm ...
Opinion Ozzy: 3.9

The Vredestein Ultrac Cento I bought are fitted to a Skoda Superb Mk2 2.0 TDI DSG (170 BHP). Unfortunately, after 1,5 years I got bulges on two front tyres. The tyres are worth the price, but the price of 400 pounds per set and not 150 pounds per tyre as it was earlier. I have used them for two seasons and did ca. 15 thousand miles. When it comes to tread wear, they wear surprisingly slow. They behave best on warm pavement, but unfortunately I can’t use them more aggressively in the car I have as it is a bit long and TC on the rear switches on when you overdo. Unfortunately, as for the UHP tyre, they hum too much above 60 MPH, and such phenomenon wasn’t present in a lower class product – Nankang in this case. If I was to choose new tyre in the price up to 600 pounds other than Vredestein Ultrac Cento, it would be Continental ContiSportContact 3 or CSC 5, as I have such tyres fitted to a Mini Cooper S (200 BHP) and they are perfect on both wet and dry, and they have never squealed – and they passed numerous corners sharply, without cutting. I also decided to change to Nankang AS 1 as they are quieter, and when I do passenger transport, my passengers prefer not to hear humming of the tyres on the motorway, as it is uncomfortable. I don’t use the car on the track, but on public roads, and it’s not a car to use for fun, so the tyres are used in a sensible way. Therefore, I think I don’t need UHP tyres such as Vredestein Ultrac Cento. If I buy a Porsche, then I will fit UHP tyres – for a middle class car, Nankang will be just fine, and I think the fact that these tyres are a revolution in Germany and in the USA is just a confirmation. more »

Great tires in terms of driveability. Recommended for aggressive driving.
Opinion Flojet: 4.6

Please to not be mislead by my star rating, as you have to rate behaviour of summer tyres in winter conditions, which is ridiculous. When it comes to Vredestein Ultrac Cento tyres themselves, they got fitted to my alloy wheels and they behave superbly on both dry and wet. Very good grip. After doing almost 8500 miles they have minimal, however visible wear. I think that if someone does a lot of miles (ca. 20000 a year), then these tyres should last about 3-4 seasons. I have a few objections when it comes to noise level, because it all depends on the surface – they are a bit loud on rough surface, but on smooth pavement and concrete they are very quiet. Shock absorbing can be only rated as good, but I have hard suspension and it also may have influence. My general rating in 1-10 scale is 9, but I think that for this price, Vredestein Ultrac Cento are good tyres with great driving properties, however bear in mind they are not the quietest (it all depends on the surface). It’s hard for me to say if I would buy Vredestein Ultrac Cento again, but I can say I will definitely stay with Vredestein. more »

Winter tyres: Vredestein

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Recently added reviews

Excellent Vredstein Tyres.
Opinion Nick: 4.6

I purchased these tyres for my 335i coupe twin turbo petrol for the winter in the UK. I ran them on my original 17" wheels which have a 255 rear and 225 front. This really helped as the car has a lot of power and torque and can ask a lot of the rear tyres. I normally run 19" wheels for summer with high performance tyres. The Vredsteins were excellent. They provided superb wet grip and in the minimal snow that I drove had superb grip in the snow. I really liked the way the tyres didn't harden in the colder temperatures unlike summer tyres. Ride quality was fantastic but some of this would have been running them on a 17" wheel compared to my 19" wheel summer tyres. Longevity was very good although I didn't cover many miles during winter so difficult to say. Dry grip was good considering they are a winter tyre but I did find the handling a little vague at times but this may have been because the tread blocks were still very new and tall and moving a little bit. Overall though I am delighted with them and very glad I fitted a winter tyre and will be putting them back on the car in early November having swapped them at the beginning of April to my summer wheels/tyres. more »

They're ok.
Opinion Marcin: 3.7

I have summer tyres from this manufacturer, which I'm very pleased with. When it comes to winter I previously used the Pirelli Carving Edge and I have to admit that Vredestains are not able to compete with them, despite the tread of the same type (symmetrical, directional). It is a different class of tyres though. Someone wrote somewhere that these tyres are meant to be for compact cars, relatively light and maybe there is something in it. I would have to try to actually make an opinion on it, however in my case these tyres lose their grip quite fast even in dry conditions so it may be though. It just doesn't go with my car. I'm also not a huge fun of the sound that they make outside of the car while driving in the rain, this is probably caused by the discharge of water from under the wheels. Although I must admit that they very nicely suppress inequality of the road. I recommend to those with light cars. more »

All season tyres: Vredestein

Popular models of all season tyres Vredestein

All models of Vredestein all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion Mati: 4.2

I was afraid of buying all-season tyres for a strong car. That turned out completely unnecessary, and I will never go back to changing tyres. Their advantage in our climate is overwhelming. After all, this model is perfect for when it’s too cold for a summer tyre, which needs to warm up and is hard, losing traction, and too warm for a winter tyre, which becomes soft and “floats”. It is always ready to go, and the conditions don’t make any difference. Loads of reviews about tyres here are written in praise, because let’s agree, how many tyres did an average person go through in their lifetime? And what is their opinion based on? The tyres they went through in their previous two cars? That’s why I was afraid to buy Quatrac Pro, because almost all tyres have good opinions – and wrongly so. That is why my review is rather based on several dozen cars that I drove, and I will tell you that this model is definitely Top League. Predictable behaviour while turning, and on dry and wet surfaces as well as slush. If their durability is just as good, I will buy them again. For now, my opinion is based on a mileage of 10,000 km. I was afraid that the manufacturer talked marketing rubbish, saying that it is a model for sports/demanding cars, but now I can subscribe to it. The tyre balances out the comfort and allows for QUITE A LOT. And it looks good, I’m finally happy with the purchase, and I was a little in the dark when buying, because the model is relatively new. more »

High quality tyres combined with a reasonable price.
Opinion MAtteo: 4.4

Vredestein Quatrac 5 are my first all-season tyres. I’ve decided for this alternative with the hope that the current technological progress will provide me with a few years of safe use, and I will finally avoid queuing for the fitting statin twice a year. I drive a small Fiesta MK6, covering about 12k km a year - mainly urban driving. After a half a year of use (including winter) Ima positively surprised. Asymmetric winter and summer tread. In the "dry" conditions, there are no problems. It is quiet, it sticks well to the road, so far resistant to abrasion. The situation is similar in the case of wet conditions, where in the case of smooth, less aggressive driving, I did not feel any slips, no control. I feel very confident in the car. Last winter I was a little disappointed, because the nature was really kind. It is true that snow appeared several times, but in quantities "below average" and I cannot consider it as a testing ground for tyres. Nevertheless, I did not feel any difference to previous cold-weather (Dębica Frigo 2). The Vredestein Quatrac 5 has not let me down yet and I hope it will stay that way. I recommend with a clear conscience. more »