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  • Vredestein (1881)

Summer tyres: Vredestein

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Vredestein Ultrac Cento
Quiet and comfortable
Opinion Adrian: 4.4

Vredestein Ultrac Cento is a tyre rather for moderate driving style, as it is very soft – therefore, it’s very comfortable. It absorbs all the bumps, holes and speed humps without any problem. It’s a bit worse in fast corners. I previously used Dunlop SP Sport MAXX and it was great in the corners, but over time it became very loud and wore rapidly in moderate driving. When I fitted my new Vredestein Ultrac Cento tyres, I thought I am riding a hovercraft or someone has just replace my whole suspension with brand new parts – they are so quiet and comfortable, I was shocked. For winter, I fitted some Michelin tyres and they are also way back when it comes to silence and comfort, but the reason for this may be that these tyres are already old and have only 8 mm tread. I have some objections against Vredestein Ultrac Cento tyres as the brand was unknown to me, but now I don’t regret I chose them, however the tyres are still new – we’ll see what happens next. more »

Vredestein Sportrac 5
Quite cheap, rather quiet ride.
Opinion shotgun: 3.0

Previously I had Uniroyal Reinexperty not scrutinize the opinions of whether rags or crap. At Uni I felt pretty confident in the rain at high speeds 160-180, you absolutely can not write about current. Uni practically rendered all the 1.5 season - very soft rubber, but amazingly kept cornering. Vredestein indeed holds, but I can not feel the moment "Departures" on the cusp of what I see when it will be 5kkm mechannicznie stronger, harder rubber. Uni were also less stiff laterally, just make noise. Do'd buy again? No - despite the favorable opinion, I would subtly make and buy Uni, even on the 1.5 season ... Vrede sellers, of course, a new start of the year, around March and immediately started with the manufacturing date-April if what ..... more »

Winter tyres: Vredestein

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

Popular models of winter tyres Vredestein

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Vredestein Snowtrac 3
Ideal terrain tires.
Opinion Leśnik: 4.6

Often moving forest road, and unfortunately my seicento this is not created. I was looking for this winter, at least a little something that will help me in a really difficult terrain, and found no vredesteiny. The first feelings were mixed, but it soon became apparent that the new tires have to get a little bit longer than the other. Then I could not praise it highly enough. The car stops almost in place, and on packed snow fared better than SUVs colleague. Also twice I managed to get out unscathed from slipping on the steep road covered with mud from melting snow. If not for these tires, probably one of these slips would end up rolling and a second entrance to the tree. The only drawback is relatively more noise, but in exchange for security is a very good replacement. more »

Vredestein Snowtrac 3
Opinion mVin: 4.2

Basically, the tyre has 2 modes: 1) calm when others ubijają snow under the tyres to get out of drifts, these tyres do not you just go with it, well, sometimes you need to rock the holidays auto ... 2) my favorite - GAS! sometimes in large wet snow, auto just does not want to park, stands on the site where the bumper snowdrift, so if you give gas and clouds of wzbijanego snow / mud leap into place :) Revel! no snowy day so I'm not surprised, frost, cold, and you get in and just leaving the snow on the threshold ... When it comes to braking, ABS does not have, but pulsed doing very well. When the brake depressed, there is no effect sled, just stop, it is true slip is but small. On curves, with 50 in the compacted snow, it is still and no-slip control, I really like it ... Uślizg appears at "depnięciu" but it's probably normal. It happened to me once that I could not move for people wyślizganym by other cars, but I put 2 and it worked as well, so ... + again. The fact that little hum on the tarmac, at 110 noise starts to be heard at the beginning I did not know how to ... but after a while I realized that it Vredki the hum ... but come on ... In conclusion-I have a new from the store, and if you wear out a pile of new, same, because I do not even know what you need without tyres without spikes?! more »

All season tyres: Vredestein

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

Popular models of all season tyres Vredestein

All models of Vredestein all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Vredestein Quatrac 3
Opinion Prezes: 4.6

At the outset, I check that I approach everything alternatively, functionally and economically. These tires have been three years, looking at the little tread wear for sure yet three years on them pojeżdżę. As for the Winter - Excellent - 100% much better than winter tires type: Kleber, Kormoran, Fulda, Dayton, Dunlpo, Nokian, Debica. Of course counts sense, come to say that at the ice after driving 8km feel safe, to too heavy braking torque. In the rainy seasons of summer and persist Uniroyal RainExpert - taking into account the state of the tread is not it so quickly wanes quickly as in the case of Uniroyal RainExpert. Certainly a big saving - no 2 times a year changing wheels, balancing, no two sets of tires with rims. In any event, after checking RECOMMENDED !!! more »

Vredestein Quatrac 3
Great tires recommend
Opinion Szymek: 5.0

Great tires recommended, are very, very quiet these tires as I am surprised with snow - no problem as zimowka, water - no problem as the summer, I drove on them for a good 5 tkm day without any problem from the Uk to Pl very good in the wet , the snow sensational, very quiet and ridden and on motorways from Uk to Pl on unpaved roads and the city. Abrasiveness hard now assess, on the snow you feel safe and secure. Do not you afraid of you will enter, and do not leave a very good grip on dry or wet theses Super Fine, good braking distance is highly recommended. Already toured a lot of tires from Continental, Rainsporty, I Dunlopy etc. I recommend a and for the summer and the winter. My annual mileage is about 80-100 tkm see how much strength more »