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Opinion ste123: 2.3

really is a poor tyre really can hear the road noise through them worse tyre ive ever bought. if you need one cheap it will keep your car on the legal side but i would not use for long, increased braking distance, really loud road noise. sailun atrezzo tyre is alot better value for money they are just as good as the £150+ michelin tyre. ive had them before and will go back to having them more »

Very good tires at a great price
Opinion Runway: 4.4

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I drove on these tyres about 7000km and I can safely say that they are great. In dry conditions hold sensational, I have some extra sports car Ibiza but only because even in this car, keep well. On the wet compared to my old rags sensational job of it, either when starting and braking curves ao no longer speak. I have 205/40/17 tyres so they are not on the balloon and granite cube vibration and a smoother way. If someone likes to hand powariować eg no it's not as easy as the normal tyres but it is how you will have to go a completely different side of the lead. The only drawback of these tyres is their noise, I just do not mind it because as I said I'm not the only Ibiza Subaru. Generally excellent tyres. more »

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