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Summer tyres: Atlas Tires

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Recently added reviews

Very good tire at a great price!
Opinion OldiMerc: 4.5 111150

I bought Atlas Tires Sport Green because of a good ranking place in the German magazine Auto World. I didn't know until the end what I was buying to be honest, but now after the season I can tell confidently that those tires are really cool. Either or dry or wet surfaces the ABS did not activate, and I brake often and very sharply. They stick very well on dry and wet roads. My driving style is aggressive, My car is rear wheel drive with almost 200 HP. The tyres at the front are almost like new, and the once on the back I think during 2 seasons and about 10 000 miles the tread thickness disappeared around 3mm only. I think this is a good result. As for the ride comfort on such size, it is not the same as for example on 15 inch tyres but I'm satisfied with it. Now I'm planning to buy 18 inch wheels and tires that will be for sure Atlas Tires Sport Green too. I recommend them to all. There is no need to overpay for most popular brands. Atlas Tires Sport Green are great for the price! more »

Great price/value ratio!
Opinion Rafi: 4.4 111140

Hello to everybody :) I bought Atlas Tires Sport Green in August, suggested by a high position in Auto World magazine test and I don't regret the purchase. They perform well on dry and with flying colours on wet and damp roads. I'm using on my other car Rainsports by Uniroyal tires but I have to admit that theu are a lot louder than Atlas Tires Sport Green. There wasn't any problem with balancing. My fitter added just 35g makeweight per side. I sincerely recommend them. I had unnecessary doubts that those Chinese tyres won't be as good as even used tyres from premium manufacturers. I hadn't got any problems travelling over 130 MPH on German Autobahns. Tyres are fairly quiet and they swallon sharp conrens with confidence. I can recommend Atlas Tires Sport Green because they are worth the price! more »

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Winter tyres: Atlas Tires

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Recently added reviews

Too noisy !!
Opinion Jackie: 2.2 112000

I've just mouted Atlas Polarbear 2 tires. My first impression is that they tend to be a little loud when travelling at 40mph and beyond. I've had a feeling that one might've been fitted backwards but that wasn't the issue. It's not bad in wet and snow but could be better!! more »

Good both the seal that the duration
Opinion Andrew: 3.6 111600

If you’re looking for the reliability in any type of surface (dry, wet, snow-covered) and great duration, Atlas Polarbear 2 won’t disappoint. more »

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All season tyres: Atlas Tires

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All models of Atlas Tires all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion Lee: 3.4 111400

A decent tyre, but side walls too soft for a car of this type, affected the handling and lost confidence with car. Maybe different on a normal lighter car. more »

Great price and better then I thought for the price
Opinion Jaysrn: 5.0 11111

Would buy again. And will. more »

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