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Summer tyres: Kleber

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Great tire for the price!
Opinion ~: 4.0

Klebery I bought a Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI. Przejeździłem them on the German highways over 30 thousand. km, and a little on Polish roads. Tyres wear little signs of wear, such as a course. They can break the grip in the wet, but that did not break? I am extremely happy with this set of tyres and strongly recommend to everyone in this price category. If I'd had a hard fault, they look slightly balonowato, but I've seen worse. For porówniania GoodYearach ridden both, and now Bridgestone (second car) and mad at Kleberach both sets do not. When it comes to the quality / price Klebery fall perfectly, so enjoy such popularity. I see no sense to overpay for tyres in cars of this class. more »

Opinion Grzegorz: 3.4

The relatively long zastanowiałem to what's best to buy tyres. Taking such the price of tyres and especially the positive comments on this site my tyre choice was HP Kleber Dynaxer second Despite the fact that I drove a little about 2500 km, is willing to share the driving experience. I drive VW Passat and the tyres are performing really well. Especially in the wet tyre clings to the ground during braking initially thought that ABS has stopped working. While driving through puddles is not tugging the steering wheel, the vehicle goes its course. The tyre is not loud, even though it may very well look nieefektownie overcome inequality (and the holes on the roads is at niemiara). Comments confirm that the tyre pressure should increase by about 0.2 bar. Due to the short distance I drove, I can not comment on wear. Another comment will leave after driving at least 20 thousand. km. Tyres recommend people who have a relatively small amount of money they want to go safely. more »

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Winter tyres: Kleber

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Opinion Arek: 3.1

Overall tyre is no revelation, has already ridden on many winter tyres, starting with the cheapest "the Chinese" on Pirelli Snow Control ending (for me the best of the best in each category). Kleber Kristalp both HP and HP2 are basically average in every aspect, dry and snow as far ok, but in the wet on the order of 5-7 degrees at a real disappointment for me (easy to lose grip), attrition is even not bad, but after 4 seasons of winter already two suitable replacement. Overall, for the money that you spend on Kleber, I recommend Sava Eskimo S3, and where there is a lot of snow, the mountains, Debica Frigo (in the snow and slush is really great, but in other circumstances sooooo weak). Best - Pirelli Snow Controll - on dry snow, wet and abrasiveness, but one of the most expensive - well, quality costs: ( more »

The snow and mud very good donuts
Opinion Adam: 4.8

Toyota Corolla Combi 2.0 D4D 90 km. In winter, I drive about 25 are my third winter tires Kleber and I find them to be very good when it comes to value for the money. Known winter has its own rules so when it comes to snow just as appreciated are very quiet, very well choose the snow and mud on the ice ....? only spikes and common sense. However, the dry well, as the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius and so sometimes even in winter you can hear it a little but do not interfere with the trip. When it comes to abrasion it all depends on your driving style to me enough for three seasons max. If it is winter or four. as any winter tyre asphalt is not a good substrate for these tires. They are soft and very well cushioned and adhere to the substrate. I recommend more »

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All season tyres: Kleber

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Kleber Quadraxer
I would not recommend buying these tires
Opinion Tadeusz: 3.5

Hi, I bought these tires because of the good reviews, but I am disappointed, there are plenty of reasons:-tire "beating" the sides are not equal-in one tire on the side of the balloon appeared to make noise-a-car is not stable because there are many, on these tires you can not ride for 6 years I used Vredenstein-y and I was very happy with all-season handling characteristics, the difference between these brands is large, several times I was at the vulcanizer and suspension and wheels have impeccable driving my car is very calm and avoid holes in some people but unfortunately the 5tyś.km tires must be disposed of, are crooked, beating on the sides and the balloon coming out of the side, I would not recommend this brand more »

Kleber Quadraxer
I recommend a really good tires
Opinion Zbyszek: 4.6

All the time I was thinking about these tyres, I have heard that all-seasons are awful once I was on the site, I wanted some multisasons to fit, the guy laughed at me that it was useless, I ordered these tyres with assembly by oponeo, I have been running on these rubbers for 2 years now. Both on snow and slush I have a positive feeling as on winter, in the summer a little louder above 130 but who rides that fast, braking on dry and wet comparable or the same as on summer. I have already persuaded several people friends, everyone happy. I will never go for an exchange again, it's stupid, pulling people for cash, all of America rides all season and it's ok and they also have a different climate. more »

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