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Summer tyres: Kleber

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Good well made tyres.
Opinion vinnie13: 5.0

These tyres serve their purpose well, they soak up the country lane bumps very well, they grip in the wet and hold the road well in the dry. The price was excellent and i would not hesitate in buying these tyrse again. more »

Opinion Joe: 4.4

yes more »

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Winter tyres: Kleber

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Good value Michelin substitute
Opinion Highlander: 3.9

Purchased as a second choice after Michelin Alpins initially ordered were out of stock in Oponeo warehouse. Knew that Michelin owned Kleber and and research confirmed that they are a credible alternative to the parent brand. Good traction in deep snow comparable to Alpins and impressed with stability at speed on both wet and dry surfaces. Run for 2 winters so far and wear rate good. Good all round winter choice with good snow performance and well balanced on other surfaces. more »

In this class, I think that it is very good, worthwhile.
Opinion Adam S: 4.4

The most accurate purchase, despite the opinions about relatively high volume, in my opinion it is not loud at all. The tyres stick to the road very well, of course with common sense, because, as you know, good tyres are not everything. They dampen vibrations well and effectively select all inequalities that we do not lack. Overall, I recommend it and the next ones will be of the same manufacturer, the quality-price ratio is very good. more »

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All season tyres: Kleber

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for pensioners
Opinion Rich Piana: 2.4

Unfortunately, this tyre was suggested by quite good opinions and I recently bought a set from the 35th week of 2015. I use a car with 1.6 engine and 115HP, so a regular city car and unfortunately I was seriously disappointed with the first 200 kilometers. I took off old used summer tyres that did not have tread anymore, put on Quadraxers and had an unpleasant surprise. Wet surface at 8 degrees C - wheel boxing, very stressful cornering because you feel on the steering wheel that the tyre is always showing signs that it is on the border of grip where a worn old summer tyre stuck to the road. 12 degrees C and absolutely dry surface - where on an old tyre I could do slalom now, a quick lane change maneuver at a speed of 50-60km / h ends up dropping the car and turning on the track control system. Tragedy. The tyres are quiet up to 140km / h, on the highway when exceeding 140km / h a siren sounds, which lasts up to about 155km / h. Ok, you can drive them on the highway at the prescribed speed, but it is not recommended. Now, tens of thousands of kilometers await me in light stress because for the second time I would not buy these tyres and recommend it to anyone. The worst thing is that the tyre cannot be trusted in an emergency (sudden change of lane). I DO NOT RECOMMEND. They are suitable for urban rolling behind elderly in Skoda cars. more »

Great tyres at a very good price.
Opinion Piotr Dziubasik: 4.6

I bought the tyres for my wife's car. Ford fiesta on 15' alloy wheels. I was tired of going around to the fitting stations and waiting in long queues. As my wife moves mainly in urban areas, I decided to buy all-season tyres. I chose Kleber Quadraxer 2. I did not analyze this purchase for a long time. I needed inexpensive tyres for a small city car. To be honest I liked the tread, and when I read the tyre description and user feedback the decision was simple. At the moment, several months and miles have passed since the purchase. I am very happy with the purchase. I did not expect that all season tyres can have such great properties in the winter as in the summer time. The snowdrift and the icy road were not a threat. At the moment I am testing tyres at 20/25°C and I can not spot the difference between these tyres and my summer Continentals in business car. Next tyres will also be all season and probably also Kleber;) After careful analysis, it turns out that instead of exchanging tyres twice a year (which gives an average of 80 GBP per year), it's better to replace the set with a new one every 4 years. It will come out the same and what a comfort it is ;) I would highly recommend. more »

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