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Summer tyres: Kleber

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Recently added reviews

Good well made tyres.
Opinion vinnie13: 5.0 11111

These tyres serve their purpose well, they soak up the country lane bumps very well, they grip in the wet and hold the road well in the dry. The price was excellent and i would not hesitate in buying these tyrse again. more »

Opinion Joe: 4.4 111140

yes more »

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Winter tyres: Kleber

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Recently added reviews

Good value Michelin substitute
Opinion Highlander: 3.9 111900

Purchased as a second choice after Michelin Alpins initially ordered were out of stock in Oponeo warehouse. Knew that Michelin owned Kleber and and research confirmed that they are a credible alternative to the parent brand. Good traction in deep snow comparable to Alpins and impressed with stability at speed on both wet and dry surfaces. Run for 2 winters so far and wear rate good. Good all round winter choice with good snow performance and well balanced on other surfaces. more »

The standard tyre that comes with the car feels like the car will slide away but with these snow tyres they cling on.
Opinion Jon Pamplin: 4.4 111140

I feel much safer driving snow tyres all year round, not that we have snow, we have in the local roads tractors that leave muck and grunge on the roads, I like the feeling that I am going to stop and stear away from problems not slip and slide. When the next pair wears out I will be buying again from Oponeo. The Citroen DS3 has sports suspension what ever tyre I have on you can feel every matchstick in the road. more »

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All season tyres: Kleber

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Recently added reviews

An excellent tyre if year-round mobility is a requirement
Opinion Richard Simpson: 3.8 111800

These tyres are slightly noisier and more prone to punctures than conventional 'summer' tyres. However, their performance in winter conditions more than makes up for this. On icy roads in particular my front-wheel drive car will perform better than a 4x4 with summer road tyres. They also work well when the road is just cold and wet. They are cheaper and more versatile than dedicated 'winter' tyres. Although I live in a rural area, I do not need to consider getting a 4x4, thanks to these tyres. Highly recommended for country-dwellers more »

Excellent All Season tyres which means no need to change between summer & winter tyres.
Opinion Ian Younger: 4.8 111180

My family are using these Quadraxer tyres on all their cars. Volvo V50, Volvo 940 estate, Vauxhall Astra and a Ford Focus estate. We've been using them for a few years now. They are excellent in very wet conditions and also in snow and slush. Their wear rate is very acceptable. The ones on my Volvo 940 have been on for 4 years,(about 30,000 miles) and still easily legal. I will probably be replacing them for next winter.(2016). more »

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