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Summer tyres: Maxtrek

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Opinion M.Zorik: 4.8

Maxtrek Tyres are the BEST BUDGET tyres I have ever owned. I ordered 2 tyres for my Mondeo (a bit wider and higher than my previous Michelin Pilot Sport 3). When I received the tyres I was shocked how good they are - the rating for fuel consumption was "A" and for wet grip "B" - exactly the same like for my Michelins. Michelin costed me 260 pounds for 2 tyres, Maxtrek 120. Driving comfort is 100% the same like Michelin. I did so far 4000 miles and the Maxtrek Tyres look like new - Michelin Pilot Sport 3 lasted only 9000 miles and the tread went down to 2mm. DO NOT BUY Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Tyres - Buy Maxtrek Ingens or Maximus M1 - They are EXCELLENT tyres. Grip is perfect in WET and DRY conditions, they cut through water very easily. Noise level is very low. I would definitely recommend those tyres but ONLY Ingens or Maximus M1 model. more »

Excellent value and performance for the price
Opinion G.R.Sykes: 4.4

I do a lot of Motorway driving and a lot of farm track driving, I have been using the Maxtrek tyres for the last 4 years for summer use only, I switch to winter tyres in November each year. They offer a good performance in both dry and wet conditions, and are quite quiet on my Volvo XC90. An excellent value for money tyre, I can not justify paying more for premium brand tyres when I get such a good performance from these. I used to have Goodyear tyres on it before the Maxtrek and I have not noticed any difference in performance. more »

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Winter tyres: Maxtrek

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good price. they do the job
Opinion skiworthy: 4.4

I've used the tyres all winter in the alps and back and forth to G.B. They have coped with all conditions and types of snow more »

longevity and low price
Opinion maria luisa: 4.4

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I did not want to spend a lot, I like nice tires but I also have to be careful how much I spend, Maxtrek Trek M7 are boune for those looking for decent tires with low pric, something that surprised me is the logevità, three seasons I have these tires and I do not have never been disappointed, it is true that I drive very slowly, they are quiet and never go with ele more high speed of 100 km-h, bl \ grip is quite good, not bad, I recommend to everyone :) more »

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All season tyres: Maxtrek

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