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Summer tyres: Minerva

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Recommended for calm driving
Opinion Stan: 2.6 116000

I bought Minerva F105 and I have to say that was not the best choice. Tyre is very unpredictable on the wet, really slippery. On dry road performs completely fine. Rolling resistance on good level. Maybe bit to loud. I had them for four years and durability is all right. Sing of worn off statred to appear after long time which is big plus. I can recommend only for normal and calm drivers and surely not for heavy weather conditions. I hope it helps, regards. more »

Good tyres - recommeded
Opinion Pav: 3.9 111900

Hi, I made on Minerva F105 aboyt 30000 miles already and I'm pleased to recommed this model. I use them in the city and also on some longer distances, highways. I feel safe when driving quite fast even - 100 mph. Quiet, good aquaplaning resistance, nice braking. Of course everything depends from the driving style and skills. I think persnally there is no perfect tyre but I can recommed this tyre with no doubts. more »

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Winter tyres: Minerva

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Not realy winter tyres
Opinion Paul Baciu: 2.6 116000

The car with this tyres failed to stop from driving at 15 miles an hour in the city when a call stop in front at a fair distance away. Ended up in incoming lane.... no grip at all in snow. Parking is being done very hard with these tires. They acted worst than my winter continental tyres. The thread doesnt look winter as weel. I think they have just put winter logo on a cheap winter tyre more »

If someone is looking for a really good tyre at a very good price then I propose this model.
Opinion Will: 4.2 111120

Minerva S110 is a superb tyre! It has many advantages, but the most important are comfort and low noise level. I use it mainly in the city and I am very satisfied. I did not notice and drawbacks that could be a problem. If someone is looking for a really good tyre at a very good price then I propose this model. more »

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All season tyres: Minerva

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Cheap .... lower strengths
Opinion pirazzi renzo: 3.1 111100

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If in driving everyday in normal situations and in normal road conditions, no major problems are found, a different story is when with slippery terrain (mostly rain), security goes down the drain along with the road-holding. only my capacity of control (I did several driving schools), allowed me, with counter steering maneuvers in three times on the "round" the car lurched me even at slow speeds, and in one case, to keep the car in the roadway, saving me from a safe off the road. I would never recommend this type of tire to those who were to use the car often in critical weather conditions. more »

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