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Summer tyres: Tracmax

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Recently added reviews

Excellent Tire
Opinion Basil Al-Hasan: 3.6 111600

I have done over 70,000 km with these tires, combination of city, highway and some primary roads. On highways, I speed, I average 160-170 km\h. sometimes with load. It is a very reliable tire, this August I complete 3 years using them. I do recommend this tire, and I advice to fill it with Nitrogen, I was advised to do so by the dealer, and I did, it keeps the tire from drying out and cracking. more »

Very good value for money exellent budget tyres
Opinion Adrian perry: 3.6 111600

Very long lasting durable budget tyres i have had 3 sets so far and all been very consistant in all aspects more »

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Winter tyres: Tracmax

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Great in the snow, good alround winter tyre
Opinion Muz: 4.2 111120

Great in the snow, but as with all budget winter tyres lack grip in the wet and tyre noise is loud, especially on the motorway. Overall I'm pleased and done everything I expected. more »

Opinion Guido Höbbel: 2.0 11000

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So I can absolutely say nothing negative about these trips or find! Certainly there is better, for much "better" money, but for the city, excursions and possibly a few Tuoren in Schneeregionen is this Pneu completely sufficient! Especially since the price is unbeatable in my eyes !! For my four purchased tires, I paid as much as one or one and a half a well-known tire manufacturer! I am totally satisfied and would recommend this tire! more »

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All season tyres: Tracmax

Popular models of all season tyres Tracmax

All models of Tracmax all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion Richard: 5.0 11111

Great value for money. Have transformed the handling. Sure-footed even on ungritted snow-covered urban roads. Inspire confidence on gritted roads. more »

Opinion Danny: 4.6 111160

Ok more »

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