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Summer tyres: Riken

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Recently added reviews

Van off the road at the moment for mot repairs but so far tyre ok.
Opinion James Mackay: 2.2

quite hard to get a good tyre at this size localy. Oponeo has filled this gap for me. more »

Brilliant tyres at good price
Opinion Dantheman: 5.0

Very good tyres, good grip on and off road, all terrains all weather conditions more »

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Winter tyres: Riken

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Dayton tyres are a bit better.
Opinion Encelatus: 4.0

I have had Riken Snowtime B2 tyres from the beginning of the winter 2015/2016. Unfortunately there was not much opportunity this season to really test them (since there were not much of a true winter). These conditions gave the road feedback, unfortunately there's a visible tyre wear and they might not look very appealing. I believe that in a similar price you can buy Dayton tyres with the similar price. For me it's quite good to be use Riken Snowtime B2 for my second car. more »

Not that great
Opinion Rich: 2.6

While driving on Riken Snowtime B2 during winter the tyre managed to do it's job somehow, but they may not do very well on another season. It doesn't do too well on the wet. With 115bhp and 1,400 kilos of weight of the car there are some issues with the tyre longevity. The only argument is the price, but what is the price for our security? Next season i wont take much more chances. Buy a normal tyre. more »

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