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Summer tyres: Semperit

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b good
Opinion Philop: 4.3

I was already dealing with a number of tires, and I can say that Semperit Speed-Life are the first tires that so far I am fully satisfied with. I drove 2 seasons for now on Semperit Speed-Life and nothing wrong happened. Pirelli and Nokians started to wobble just after one season (Pierlli found my complaint as grounded and Nokian did not so it is obvious that I will never ever buy Nokians again). What I can remember Continentals were ok and durable. Back to Semperit Speed-Life: they work very well even on wet tarmac They are very silent and easy to balance. I bought them because I found couple of positive reviews and it forced me to buy them. I dont regret buying Semperit Speed Life. more »

Product of the model in its class! Unprecedented usability
Opinion Matt: 4.8

These are my second tyres from Semperit. Unbelievably low noise level. You can barerly hear the rolling sounds. Semperit Speed-Life are splendid in every condition and on every road surface. I have a very powerfull diesel and it is very hard to lose the traction. Perfect behavior in cornerng. I recommend Semperit Speed-Life. I have no restrictions. more »

Winter tyres: Semperit

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Recently added reviews

Opinion pancake: 3.3

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Tyres amazed me with its efficiency when it comes to performance on snow, mud slip and wet. PREVIOUSLY rode on tyres Polish wsztscy unless you know what I mean, when I then founded this tyre before I realized I made a mistake .. Clincher Semperit hi-grip head beats all her behavior is fantastic, the only "-" sound, just this tyre is loud but if you see a sculpture bierznika understand what's going on I would definitely recommend checking is 100% beats all kllebery dębckie and one miczhała ps really worth it. at the end of the winter comfort of a 3 elevation to the bus-not recommend!!!!!! more »

Opinion zak: 4.2

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tyre very good, especially in the snow and slush, I had great traction like in golf. The only comments on the use of tyres, there is a lot to cut the slats along the slats and the rubber compound is soft so the tyres are exposed to asphalt especially when it is warm so consumption increases. Please post them at lower temp than 7 degrees (I assume at about 0). Too little tyre swings from side to side but it is winter tyre profile and to 70th in sum very good tyre more »