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Summer tyres: Evergreen

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Evergreen EU72
For the price excellent!
Opinion Łukasz: 4.0

I bought budget tires for subaru after the bursting of a michelinki primacy to commute to winter. Dealer did not want to, and that because of the Subaru symmetrical AWD one tire replaced not be decided to buy "any cheaper." And frankly jaw dropped just after the spacer. In terms of dry grip, comfort, fuel, braking, tire for a little more than 200 zł. beats almost three times more expensive competitor on the head. On a wet, slippery road doing comparatively. Overall, in my opinion, great tires. I can honestly recommend it to anyone. more »

Evergreen EU72
Excellent quality for a reasonable price so why overpay.
Opinion Coopermaniak: 4.3

I bought these tires for Mini Cooper S in place several years Pirelli tires. I was surprised by a radical change in ride comfort. Tires perfectly suited for dynamic driving (Cooper otherwise can not be ;), both on dry and wet roads, I had a chance to check it out. From the look of the tread does not grab but not what I expected from the tire budget. This is what I got in the driveability and safety exceeded my expectations. We'll see even after several months of intense driving as their durability. With a clear conscience recommend it! more »

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Winter tyres: Evergreen

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Evergreen EW62
cheap tires
Opinion Simo: 3.7

do not believe in the bales that the Chinese tires are bad, they are not the best, but these are definitely better than many other models, is a Chinese brand but it is very conosiuta, let's say that I'd rather spend less and change tires after two years, the same, all the tires wear out, I think it is not worth spending more, the Evergreen EW62 made me realize that the most important thing are the new winter tires, because before I had retread tires and after 3 months I had to sostituirgli, the new product always has the warranty and then more and lasts longer, they are not perfect, they are un'po noisy but at this price you can not expect a miracle, let's say you are decent. I'm pretty satisfied! more »

Evergreen EW62
good tires recently
Opinion Bruno: 3.4

Hi, surely the tires Evergreen EW62 are not the most delicious I've ever had, but let's say you are decent, good on snow, dry but I was not surprised positively in the wet, but by the winter it does not rain a lot, usually snows , because I live in the north, I can not complain, although I've done a few miles because I have the tires only two months after the winter definitely write a new opinion, because I always like to do things properly then return here in April for now I'm happy because I have spent little, Evergreen EW62 have low resisteza rolling and consumption is not too high but raga, after 2 months it's easy to say that the tires are good, we will see how they will be more »

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