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Summer tyres: Nankang

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Nankang NS 2
Recommended only for those who do not pay attention to the noise
Opinion adamssson: 3.8

The tire very difficult to assess: - great holding onto dry - wet holding well, but only for the first 20-30tys, and later on average and gets prone to aquaplaning - as comfortable as such a low profile - trouble-free - unknowingly I drove the screw in the tire until it is wiped the half and the air not gone down, but - teething and wipes in the strangest possible way - the noise they generate is so large that the heavy truck which is the Audi A8 can feel the vibration of the floor and steering wheel - unbearable in the car that has double glazing !!! He immediately pointed out that teething is not the fault of the car - the tires forced me to visit several times in different workshops - I have the perfect geometry. more »

Nankang AS 1
Cheap but really good tire
Opinion jerry: 4.2

since now I used Pirelli PZero - imo one of the best tyres avaliable on the market. The issue was that they rubbed off quickly and they were very expensive. Nankang for me behaves very well. Tyres grip very well ini corners. They are suprisingly silent even in comparison to Pirellis. I didn't check them professionally in the corners so I don't know their grip limit. Pirelli signaled it with rising squeak. For me it is to early to say anything about the atriction. In general, I am very satisfied and I consider buying them one more time. The price\quality ratio is just brilliant. I wanted to have cheaper tyres but silent and I have them right now and I'm satisfied. more »

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Winter tyres: Nankang

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Nankang Snow Viva 2
Great price, great tire
Opinion Adrian!2!: 5.0

As I said, a great price and a great tyre, and great value-for-money, not only for winter tyres. Last summer I bought the Oponeo Nankang Snow Viva 2 and I am pleased with those. I had little to do with this brand. I am very happy I picked that brand. The next choice is probably the Nankang Snow Viva 2. Again, I will buy those from Oponeo. In addition I have to pay attention to the professional and friendly customer service at Oponeo. Although the purchase of winter tyres in the summer is unusual kind of service, the gentleman caller checked their availability for me. In addition, he assured me that they will send the tyres as soon as they will have them in stock! It's a very big plus, I might add that other traders do not have such an approach. I have checked it personally. Therefore thank you again for tyres! more »

Nankang Snow Viva
very good
Opinion ARTUR: 4.4

Hi wszystkich.Jak Throw in a few already mentioned info on the workout also opon.Nadmieniam normally relatively smooth but there will be times that you need to also "decontaminate" :-) So turbine rhythm of August zwieksza.Zaczelem at 9 ° then They began to fall along with the rain ... So-wet asphalt do not show a large difference (in comparison to dry) when it comes to performance. In large puddles ... anything! So how would they not there. A dirty surface-here you have to slow as any trip to the Polish innych.Potem by Italy, and thus Alpy.Temperatury negative but dry or wet asfalt.tyres but if more rigid when it comes to the unpleasant bujaniem.W boki.Koniec area Munich-wet with rain not snow melting from razu.Zwolnilem, because it suggests the logic but then increased speed to normal 110-150km/godz.wszystko ok.Mimo that provoked a bit my "Rhine." In Poland, a trip to the Masuria-temp . of-7 to-21 °. beginning of the journey wet snow on traffic drodze.Kierunek ok, but already the inhibition is not the same samo.Tak acceleration even on a 3-ce zrywalo przyczepnosc.Lod-WARNING! minimum damping, braking also, it does not mean that the katastrofa.W Espace ABS + ESP buggers are driving the car, so like something is not right, then turn on and doing what they want, and they do it dobrze.Ogolnie tyre on ice and slowly and carefully inne.Trzeba . Then, dry, deep snow and temperatures around-17 to -21 °, ESP Off-super! Smooth ride poplaca.Kierowalnosc very good. wniosek.tyres very good (not saying anything about the quality compared to the price-jakpsci not mix). suitable for warm and sometimes wet road Corsica, and the typical Polish winter and typical Polish way. Next purchase is also Nankang.RegardsAWIAM ALL! I'm PSNI zwiazany.tyres bought this company because it does not Milema czasu.Samochod Espace IV 2.2 dCi. more »

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All season tyres: Nankang

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Nankang N 607
Some things to consider before you buy yourself
Opinion slavog: 3.9

I decided to buy tires multigrade after long search your feedback in Poland and abroad. The first question was the fact that the driver states do not change tires depending on the season, despite the snow, heat, etc. Finally, I wanted to avoid queuing at the oponiarzy and bought wielosezonówkę. I had a plan three long trips (total 15 thousand km) and was worried about fuel and combustion. After completion of trips I will say this - it looks like a brand new tire and burning have less than 7 liters of driving a car with an engine 2.2 and seven people on board. more »

Nankang NK All Season Plus N-607+
Very good tyre for the entire year
Opinion Waldek: 4.2

I covered 30,000 km on this tyre for less than two years. I bought a car with these already, so they were not new, and until now the tread is retained, the tyre is not very worn, noise is in the norm. I do dynamic driving. I think I have two more seasons on them. These are my first year-round tires and I'm really happy with them. I recommend them undecided. Why pay every six months for tire change? They manage in all conditions. more »

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