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Summer tyres: Sava

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Cheap to buy, expensive to operate
Opinion Łukasz S.: 2.9

Tempted to suggestions and positive feedback. Meanwhile, after a change of tires burning has increased from 0.5 to 1 liter / 100 km - regardless of the season. The tire is quite noisy - although we never turn to it. The tire behaves outrageously for me in the wet - during launch can join ASR during braking on the surface, or at sharp corners at 40km / h can skid or criticize the rear of the car - so I have been driving for Americanos, Dunlopie, Goodyear - and it never happened to me without justification skid etc. On the big plus is already mentioned earlier - high tread life, the tire after 10 thousand. km look almost like new - though certainly not compensate for it - increased fuel consumption. more »

Oponki pretty good for the money.
Opinion nelro: 4.3

Very cool tyres at a reasonable price. In winter, not ridden on them so hence this assessment, so I suggest to her. Cool look and behave just as good. The only drawback I noticed is a typical ailment directional symmetrical tyres, my car pulls to the right, although it's probably the resultant wide tyres (195/50/R15), the car and the track. Probably a matter of poprzekładania from right to left and vice versa but it gave up the. Overall, I am happy as I have to buy tyres the back is also SAVA and ride MK6 fiesta 1.4 tdci and the madness here is not even what to think so I foresee a long life :) Earlier Randy rode dunlopach sp sport 01, but do not tell the truth I noticed the difference except for the price :) more »

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Winter tyres: Sava

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Sava Eskimo S3+
I would recommend
Opinion Józef: 4.4

Purchased before the winter season to the car, which uses a wife. It purchased only because in his car - Opel Meriva uses them for the second winter season. To date, both in the car and in my wife were no major problems. They cope well on snow-covered roads as well as slush. Rolling resistance compared to summer are not felt. I did not notice much in fuel consumption compared to the summer season. I would definitely recommend. The tire has a nice appearance, and its price regarding its good performance parameters is small. more »

Sava Eskimo S3+
affordable decent quality tires
Opinion Luqas: 4.2

Good winter tires, although winter this year was (is) a weak in Gdansk, so much you can not write about them. more »

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All season tyres: Sava

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Sava Adapto
Worth the money
Opinion Karol Walor: 4.3

I bought encouraged a high position in the Auto Bild tests, but also the fact that it fits very well into my profile. Unlike the majority of the most important parameter for me is the noise level. 70 dB is the limit impassable so Sava grabs his butt and you need to immediately add - it's ok. Light steady noise, no there łuułuuułuuu :) magnificently holds in turns, no problems in the wet (index C). I do not judge durability, I have them too short. I think the Germans quite rightly invested the tire behind the Quatrakiem Vredestein. Another advantage let it be the fact that there is an inscription tyre Made in Poland :) If you do not require a miracle tire and stimulants phase you've had it Sava will not disappoint. I would definitely recommend. more »

Sava Adapto
Just a good tire.
Opinion Jonasz: 3.7

It is difficult to objectively measure this tire. Doing her job and doing it well. Only once the acute inhibition had the impression that moved slightly back (donuts I started on the back, front changing summer and winter) in the wet with a minimum amount of snow. But for a car with heavy front of a light background I think it's possible. Overall tyre cool and to my other car (Citroen Saxo) intend at all to buy these donuts and having fun in the snow blow off season. With our capricious weather it would be a total ride all the time with a set of tires and change on a regular basis ... more »

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