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I would definitely recommend!
Opinion DJPreZes: 4.3

Clincher dream. Firstly, the car looks insanely (though she could be a bit lower profile as I would have had a nibble). Second grip ... moving with the lights on previous tyrech (Debica Passio 2) I had to watch out for gas, tyres squealed as often (especially on the sand or in the rain). I'm not talking about the actions in the style of "4000 RPM and I let the clutch," but dynamiczniejszym traction. The rack does not squeak. I mean, it happens, but with a really aggressive movement (and it is not the end but the screeching howl faaaajne :)) The corners of both the front and the back (which in my car is very light) hold amazing. I'm afraid that I will seek their limits and find them at the wrong time ... The only two cons: - braking in the rain - quite easy to slip (I have a lot more efficient than the standard brakes, which does not help matters) - are quite loud more »

Very good, soft tires for the price, great for dry, but tragedy in the wet. Little need to keep reheating, poor for city driving.
Opinion Kurosabi: 2.7

At this price - hundereds good rubber, very soft compound. If they consume at this rate, it last for up to 20 000km, no but you know, something for something. However, just a drop of water on the asphalt and the tires lose any contact with the road and it's hard sometimes actually hard to keep on the black. Tires have a very soft side walls, at least in this size - in sharp tight corners look as if they were in a moment off. On dry are very predictable. Lose traction linearly, in a known time. more »

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