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Summer tyres: Hifly

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Nice Chinese woman
Opinion Bernard: 4.4

I was looking for a lot of tyres, the budget was small, butrequirements were high. The choice fell on HIFLY, size 225/45 R18, quite fast BMW E60 with over 200 horsepower. I just put them on, but I will say something because there is not enough opinion and it may be useful to someone. Balancing was not without problems, some lead went, two tyres had to be moved again, but after an hour of fun I went out on the road. Smile on the face, silence inside, 20km route, speed up to 150km / h and still silence, fast arches, quick entry into a large roundabout and no squeak or slip. Zero some beating. The tyres look very nice, the tread is almost 8mm, quite soft rubber, I think they will wear out quickly. The weather is nice now, but it will rain tomorrow, I will check how it behaves in puddles. I will keep you updated on the activities and kilometers traveled. I plan a route around 1000km in a month, I will also report. At the moment I'm happy. Minus, it quite strongly transmits sounds from larger bumps, wells or larger asphalt joints, but it may be because I inflated a lot of air. more »

cool tire
Opinion Karl: 4.6

Hello. I will share my opinion, although I bought them and used them briefly. Quiet, comfortable tyres, they don't have problem on wet. There were no problems with them until complete clash. The tyres at the time of purchase were 7mm and were after one season in 2013. In my car they went through to the end of the summer season 2015. Some say that they wore off very quickly but I explain that I have a negative or inclined wheels. The tyres rubbed from the inner to the outer edge . When the inner edge was already indicating replacement, they came to life. I can compare them with yokohama, because I had them before. Yokohamas did well in the dry, but light rain caused the loss of traction (I have fwd and 340Nm.), Hifly tyres behaved much better in the wet. I recommend them.They are soft and good and they hold the car elegantly. more »

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Winter tyres: Hifly

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Good tyres. Their price is even better!
Opinion Janko: 3.9

Very good tyres. They provide safety on the road and despite the fact that they belong to budget segment, I find them better than many premium products. The price is very reasonable. The tyres are doing well in all-weather conditions, I can’t complain. I would recommend these tyres to people who appreciate not only money but also comfort and safety! more »

I feel great with these tyres on
Opinion Adrian Radu: 3.7

The tyres are quite good, they have never created any problems for me, but I'm getting ready to buy the summer tyres now more »

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All season tyres: Hifly

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All models of Hifly all season tyres

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Author:Jocky miller
Opinion Jocky miller: 5.0

In winter conditions light covering of snow I didn’t find the tyres any use more »

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