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Summer tyres: Dębica

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Dębica Presto
Very good value for money
Opinion Krzynio: 4.1

Very good value for money. The tire persists previously used C.Drive Yokohama. It seems less to keep the wet but maybe it's just a subjective evaluation to slip because of security reasons I tried not to bring. Rolling resistance gave rated 4 because after a long drive (when heated) car does not slide with a small rise, eg. Under the lights like on cold tires, although it's hard for me to say whether the fault of the tires and such. Bearings. Durability shall not judge, on Yokohamach did approx. 50 thousand. for in Debica Furio 80 thousand. and I have not yet got to the marker. for those only 15 thousand. and they look almost like new. Fuel consumption on the route (highway approx. 95 km / h highway 140 km / h) 5.8 - 5.9 l / 100km so as to my Mazda very economically. more »

Dębica Passio 2
Tire for city cars like the most recommended.
Opinion Bartek: 3.9

I bought a set Passio 2 after one season at Passio 1, to be "finished" and they were very mediocre. Currently I am finishing 5 season on these tires (total annual mileage ~ 15 000). The assessment is the most positive, the tires are predictable on both dry and wet roads. Of course, this refers to the city car with limited mocy- Do not expect miracles from Passio 2 in stronger structures :) Tire durable, resistant to gravel roads, holes like. The downside is that they quickly break przyczepność- time as he falls, then you have to consider when starting e.g. wet. The left-hand not to be in place with buksującymi wheels. Lifetime high, overall a very decent tire for good money, but you have to remember to which the car was created. more »

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Winter tyres: Dębica

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Dębica Frigo 2
For the price a very good tire.
Opinion Bohdan: 3.3

A good tire, for normal driving in average conditions most suited. Low price can exchange every 3 - 4 seasons regardless of the degree of wear. more »

Dębica Frigo 2
I would recommend
Opinion Janek: 3.8

I have in his Vectra winter tires Debica Frigo 2 as early as 3 winter season, no signs of wear, great stick in the snow. I made them some 7 thousand, while driving normalnej.Mogły to a little less noise but it's cool. more »

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All season tyres: Dębica

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Dębica Navigator 2
Good tyre
Opinion P.: 3.4

I can say that this tyre model can handle pretty much every weather conditions. I used them for whole year with no problems at all. They perfomr good during hot summer days and winter weather and roads condition, slush and snow, are not any difficultie too. I do not know how they work for higher speeds but for calm driving they are more than enough. However, there is one big disadvantage. Really high noise. It is the only reason why I will not buy them again probably. It is important for me to have quiet tyres because I do longer distances quite often. Recommended for everyone who wants to safe money, have a good product for good price. more »

Dębica Navigator 2
good value for the money
Opinion Carl: 4.6

You can see by the tread pattern that this tyre is more dedicated to winter than summer weather conditions. However, in my opinion Debica Navigator 2 is more than all right for both seasons. It seems to be effect of good compounds mixture and the way how the tread is designed, it is very simillar to the tread of Goodyear Vector 3 which is excellent tyre model. I think that those factors make Debica so good product. If it comes to winter weather conditions, roads covered by slush or snow, tyres work great. No problems with grip or traction. I never lost control of the vehicle. Wet road is not a problem too. They keep a car on the road easily. Tis tyre drains a water phenomenally. It is a little bit worst when temperature is high. During some fast driving some users will find them nosiy but it is not really big disadvantage because there is nothing to complain if it comes to the grip or traction. Recommended. more »

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