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Summer tyres: Dębica

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I was not convinced, however, Debica tire salesman (opneo) ensures the quality, do not believe the opinions of sellers but, strangely enough information vendor confirmed in daily use car.
Opinion Patrick: 4.7

I was not convinced to Dębica Presto, however the tyres salesman (Oponeo) ensured the quality, I didnt believe the opinions of sellers but, strangely his opinion was confirmed in daily use of a car. I was concerned about the rapid attrition of the tyres becouse of the previous model Debica (passio), which was below the critical value. However, the company (dębica) was able to repair the fault and the Dębica Presto tyre for me is sensational value for money.The car goes like its been glued to the road,on wet surface a little less but still within normal limits. The biggest surprise was the comfort of riding on the pot holes (which can be very tiring), the biggest downside is the rolling sound, its louder than its predecessor, but it is not so tiring - at least for me. My previous Michellin Pilot tyres are from the higher shelf than Dębica Presto but characteristics are similar for me. more »

Tire good just a shame that pretty quickly rubs off
Opinion Steven: 3.9

Im using the Dębica Presto tyres for two years now so I can say something about them. Distance I traveled on them is about 20 thousand. km in the summer :). The tyre behave very good on dry and on wet surface, after around a year of use on the front axle there is a noticeable decrease in adhesion on wet roads. Several times I was unpleasantly surprised when I was trying to start quickly from the roundabout and the tyres were spinning. The car has only 100 hp and its an automatic, so I was suprised even more (In the first year there was no such problem. After 2 years of use on the front axle 5,5 mm of tread left - so not the best.In this season the tyres will go on the back. The Dębica Presto tyres are worthy command for the people who prefer the calm driving style, but its good to change them after 2 years of using. more »

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Winter tyres: Dębica

Popular models of winter tyres Dębica

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Recently added reviews

Opinion Peter: 4.2

Debica Frigo 2 are very good tyres in decent price. I have read the reviews that they wear fast - but as long as one drives them in summer. After 2 seasons and driving almost 25000 miles I have checked the tread' height and it is at the level of 6-7 mm, whereas the new ones have almost 9mm. Additionally, the softness of fuses as in the day of purchase. The car with back driving gear had no problems with driving and moving out uphill and the driving on snow and slush - splendid, safely and without problems. I rate that one can drive them up to 80000 miles with the possible change front-back. Debica Frigo 2 should suffice for some 5 seasons. In addition, I have bought them on the internet and at the point of receiving they had 3 weeks from the production date. more »

Opinion Mark: 4.2

Debica Frigo 2 is especially worth recommending in typically winter conditions (snow, ice, mud), it performs splendid on dry surface, slightly worse on the wet one. I was surprised by the low noise level and perfect rolling restraints ( based on the press' tests). Attrition is also at the good level (as far as one does not drive on them in summer). I drove on tyres of more expensive labels (Michelin, Continental, etc.) and in everyday use it's really hard to notice any meaningful difference, Debica Frigo 2 is more quiet than Michelin, much better than both on snow, mud and ice, worse than both on wet surface. As always, everything has its' prons and cons, however, it is not worth to overpay. I recommend this tyre to everyone! :) more »

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All season tyres: Dębica

Popular models of all season tyres Dębica

All models of Dębica all season tyres

Recently added reviews

I am satisfied
Opinion Michael: 4.4

It is already my second Debica set. I purchased it from Oponeo for good price though. Shortly about my driving style: -mosty city but I need to make some longer distance from time to time, -one tyre set for whole year, -I am calm and resonable driver, -car is parked on the open air. Debica Navigator 2 works really well for my needs, I have to say. There is nothing to complain about. Driving on dry roads is nice and smooth. Sometimes it is possible to hear some noise created by a tyre but I don't really care about it. Traction is more than enough. Wet roads are not a problem too. It may be a litte bit hard to drive on snow because I have noticed that during one of my trips to another city in December. However, if someone drives mostly in the city it is not really the issue as there is not too much of snow, some slush rather. I don't want to judge how Debica looks like, it is just a tyre. So far so good, I never had to visit a garage because of this tyres. To conclude: tyres recommended to anyone who wants to buy solid product for a good price. When this set will worn off I will check offer and prices but there is a really big chance that I will decide to buy Debica once again. more »

good tyre
Opinion Archie: 2.6

I bought this Debica model for my work car. I am construction worker and I need to drive from one place to another very often. You can imagine what kind of road condition my car needs to face on custruction sites. Lack of asphalt, lot of mud, sand, rocks, sun and rain, all what you can think about. I have to say that this tyre model seems to be created for this kind of usage. After about a year tyres are still in pretty good condition and there is no need to replace even a single one. What is important, it is not only my opinion but the same thing I heard on MOT recently. Traction on dry and wet roads is more than enough for me. I don't drive too fast, my car is often heavy loaded but weight is the extra test for tyres. Durability seems to be on the highest level. After a year of using them as described above they are still all right. Price is really nice, espoecially if you would compare them to premium brands. I can recommend Debica Navigator 2 for anyone who would like to use all season tyres. more »

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