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Summer tyres: BCT

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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BCT S 800
Price is the determinant of the quality of it is no good to expect a tire on a short Sunday drive, the hotter the better it holds. a little rain and behaves like a soap
Opinion tyre kiler: 2.1

I would not recommend anyone to wet grip index extremely overvalued. Well, but it is one of the cheapest tires on the market. If you drive fast it in the summer yet again, but remember rain or temperature below 14 degrees on the street and begins to struggle for traction. I would recommend to those who still believe that at this price it's a good rubber. Approach with caution and never recommend it to anyone these tires. Rubber composition sucks, oh they tend to crack between the tread blocks. more »

BCT S 800
Not bad for the price. I would recommend. I refer to a larger poem.
Opinion Matt: 3.8

Tire not to tell the truth and przesłodzić - 4 + / 6. I had the opportunity to drive in the snow and it was really good, rubber glued to the road even though it was buried. Dry conditions tire sticks well, despite aggressive and fast ride every turn after a while I started not from braking and downshifting from - I was not even when I took turns at high speed. Start on dry asphalt also hassle free. Inhibition strange feeling, as if the tire was suddenly and paste the asphalt wheel spin is still in it, even though quite effectively inhibited. However, all of the wet asphalt goes to hell, start grinding wheels finished in a place quite often happened to aquaplaning, at speeds above 120km / h, it is hard to keep the car on the bend as it can jerk. For peace of mind driving as much as possible. more »

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All season tyres: BCT

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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