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Summer tyres: Maxxis

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For a cheap chinese tyres I would recommend them!
Opinion Tom: 3.7

I own other high powered cars, Honda is a reliable daily that I trust to use from A to B. I usually do up to 20K miles a year and on my other cars I run better tyres. On my E92 M3 I am running Michelin Pilot Super Sports and on my F87 M2 I Run factory fitted Continental Contacts. For normal car user these tyres are the best option for money and I 100% recommend them. more »

I do not recommend
Opinion Lukas: 2.1

Tires start to teething after driving 1000 km, resulting in a loud sound during braking. The noise is similar to an airplane taking off. Grip in dry conditions is satisfactory, but the wet tragic. He quickly rubs. I would not recommend and certainly do not buy this tire for the second time. Crap !! more »

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Winter tyres: Maxxis

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Recently added reviews

Author:Dode Fraser
Opinion Dode Fraser: 5.0

First class. Good value for money. more »

You can buy it and find out
Opinion iveco: 2.9

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I bought these tires because of the price (although I see that now they are much more expensive) and good reviews on the internet, Facts new tire has 9 mm high bieżnika.miałem different types of previously held more than 1 cm. niemiały any physical defects, nicely wyważyły, drove them ok.10000km yet in two months of large snow yet it was not, as far as quiet braking on dry OK, in a wet worse. on slippery and icy road adhesion lack of snow in a small poorly. car rode on a little, as if he put 2t would be better. more »

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All season tyres: Maxxis

Popular models of all season tyres Maxxis

All models of Maxxis all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Well above average and very predicatable
Opinion Ian E: 4.0

Good grip in dry and wet - surprisingly good grip in snow. But what makes these tires great is 3 things: 1. Consistency - they're above average to good in all conditions 2. Predictability - when pushed they behave in a very predictable way. 3. They're just a bit more than really cheap tires, while performing very nearly as well as expensive ones. BTW. I use them as all season tires winter and summer. more »

Tires at the height of the situation, good on every kind of tarmac
Opinion Antonio : 5.0

Bought them mainly for the price, but after using them, I must add that the quality is also more than good. So if they asked me, would you buy them back? The answer would certainly be yes without hesitation more »

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