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Improve braking distances and handling.

Imperial Ecosport 2

43 reviews

From 54 £ pcs.


Reduce fuel consumption and vulnerability to damage.

Pirelli PZero

155 reviews

From 92 £ pcs.


Drive in greater acoustic comfort and reduce the feeling of unevenness.

Uniroyal RainSport 5

42 reviews

From 57 £ pcs.
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Which summer tyres to choose

Wondering what summer tyres to choose? Before you buy, check out the results of summer tyre tests carried out by the ADAC organisation and major motoring magazines and portals. We also present our own ranking based on customer reviews to help you make a good decision.

Summer tyres tests

Press summer tyre tests Press summer tyre tests See more >
Summer tyres ADAC tests Summer tyres ADAC tests See more >

When deciding on which set of summer tyres to order for your car, it is a good idea to refer to the annual tests carried out by motoring organisations and magazines. Particular attention should be paid to what are considered to be the most prestigious and popular tyre tests organised by the German motoring club ADAC.

This season, the ADAC specialists took a look at the performance of summer tyres in size 205/55 R16 (91 V). Two tyres came first scoring the same in the ADAC test. One is the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 and the other is the Continental PremiumContact 6.

Summer tyre ranking

To help you choose a new set of tyres for the hottest time of the year, we've put together a summer tyre rating. We have included the products that have received the best ratings from our customers. They have been tested in a variety of conditions, both on dry and wet roads.

Low-price summer tyres

Low price does not necessarily mean poor quality and unsatisfactory performance. If you're wondering which low-cost summer tyres to choose, you'll find a wide selection of models from budget manufacturers on Oponeo. We offer solid tyres at attractive prices. In terms of performance, it may be not as good as than top-of-the-range products, but it will certainly satisfy those looking for good value for money.

When to replace summer tyres with new ones

Tread under 4mm

The major indicator suggesting it is time to change tyres is minimum tread depth. It should be no less than 1.6 millimetres and will result in the tyre losing its properties. It will therefore not provide an adequate level of safety. It is worth knowing that even a tread depth of less than 4 mm results in reduced grip and poor water dispersal, which is why reaching this value should prompt us to buy new tyres.

Tyre wear
Brand new tyre
Tread depth and grip - New tyre
Partly worn tyre
Tread depth and grip - Partially worn tyre
Tyre with tread depth below legal limit
Tread depth and grip - Tyre below the acceptable limit

A tread which is worn under 4 mm means a 28% longer braking distance on wet roads. Data from Motor Industry Research Association

Mechanical damage

Tyre damage is very dangerous and should prompt a visit to the tyre specialist immediately. In some cases, they may recommend changing the damaged model, both tyres on a given axle or even the entire set for all four wheels, which is the wisest decision to ensure safe driving.

Mechanical damage

In 2017 damaged tyres were the reason for every fourth accident that was caused by the technical malfunction of the vehicles Data from the annual report of the Police Headquarters

5 years from date of manufacture

As tyres age, they lose their properties and no longer provide the same level of grip or braking performance. Even when the tread depth is legal and the tyre shows no visible signs of ageing, we recommend that the service life should not exceed 5 years.

Date of manufacture and age of the tyre

When to change to summer tyres

Summer tyres should be fitted when the temperature exceeds 7 degrees celsius
When to change to summer tyres

The question of when to change to summer tyres is, apparently, not at all dependent on the time of the year. Frosts causing bad road conditions can still occur in March and even April. The contractual factor influencing the time of tyre change is therefore the average daily temperature. If it exceeds 7°C, it is time to go to the tyre specialist with a new set of tyres.

Summer tyres from A to Z

Summer tyre markings

Before buying a new set of tyres, it's important to look out for the car tyre markings on the side of the tyre. The most important of these is the tyre size, which allows the tyre to be matched to the vehicle. No less important is the DOT symbol, which indicates the year of manufacture. Unlike winter tyres, summer models do not have a seasonal label.

Tyre markings

Tread pattern types

When choosing a new set of summer tyres, it is essential to consider the tyre tread. The construction and types vary depending on models. The tread pattern has an impact on the most important factors, such as the ability to drain water or mud or to cut through snow. A tyre that is well matched to the conditions not only guarantees grip, but also low rolling resistance, which results in lower fuel consumption and savings.

Tread pattern types

Correct pressure inside summer tyres

To ensure you get the most out of your summer tyres, make sure your tyres are at the appropriate pressure level. The correct inflation pressure can be found on a sticker on the driver's door pillar or edge of the driver's door, on the fuel filler cap or in the vehicle handbook. Observe the pressure value specified therein, check it regularly (e.g. once a month or before each long journey) and top it up if necessary. Only then will you get the most out of your summer tyres.

Correct tyre pressure

Wheel balancing

Remember that it is also very important to balance the wheels on a car. If carried out incorrectly, it can adversely affect the suspension. This often leads to a 'side pull' phenomenon and irregular tread wear, resulting in the need to replace the tyres sooner.

Wheel balancing

Summer tyre prices

In our shop you will find new tyres in different price segments: from the cheapest economy models (optimum performance, very attractive price), to mid-range tyres (good value for money), through to premium models (highest performance, but higher price). Take a look at our wide range of summer tyres to choose the ones that meet your needs best.

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