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Summer tyres: Infinity

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Infinity INF 05
For moderate driving at the same time, only at lower temperatures need to be careful.
Opinion adiz: 3.7

I use these tyres in a Renault Laguna Mk2, and my driving style is rather moderate, but I do quite a few miles in the summer. The tyres perform excellent in the summer on both dry and wet surface. Great durability, low noise and rolling resistance. The only problem is that at temperatures below 15 degrees they start to slide on wet. However, we need to take into consideration that Infinity INF 05 are from United Arab Emirates, and they don't have such temperatures there. However, they disperse water extraordinarily. I checked them I drove one side of the car into a fairly deep puddle at ca. 55 MPH, and the car didn't lose its grip for even a moment. I recommend Infinity INF 05 tyres, however please remember that you have to be careful at temperatures below 15 degrees. more »

Infinity Ecomax
I had to spend 1800 PLN to tire of mid-range and spent 1000 on these Chinks and so far no regrets.
Opinion Nimnul: 4.2

I missed buying the opinions of others, I took a chance and now I can buy you in good conscience recommend. I put the tire up to 300 horsepower Audi S4. The tire holds up well on dry or wet. By inhibiting very rapidly and firmly on the wet surface of 160 km / h it was hard to force the ABS to work - for me that is enough. Definitely has an impact on the width of 235 of my tires so I guess I will not be narrower worse. The only cons that I was able to see a brand new tire has a tread by little the sides of the tire (measured immediately after the purchase 6/8/6 mm only in the middle of a 8 mm tread :/) more »

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Winter tyres: Infinity

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Infinity INF 049
Price quality
Opinion Michal: 3.7

This year, I assumed an electric 4-wheel drive with winter tyres Infinity. Auto is the C-Class, so tylnonapędowiec. In winter riding 90 if not 95% of the time on urban roads. Great car I ride in the snow. Doing well in corners (the fact is that rarely pass it politely), allows for high cornering control. Acceleration is always in a slight slip, it's just a matter of habit. Had to ride like the others on the road is snow-covered, one could say that the tyre is excellent. Unfortunately, a little worse with braking and the road is clearly longer than the tyres more expensive - you have to be careful. The mix is ​​fairly hard - on dry quickly squeals, wet prone to slipping. You have to be careful especially when braking. It also has a very soft side, so at the expense of higher leaning in the corners well amortized inequality - an advantage in winter. This is not a high performance tyre, but I'm a complete new 4 years ago I paid 600 PLN. Very high resistance to abrasion (6mm to 30 thousand km). more »

Infinity INF 049
I recommend! Good tire at an affordable price.
Opinion FILIP: 4.5

In winter 2012 winter tyres I chose the brand INFINITY INF 049, 205 55 r16. Tyres put on the Passat 2006. sedan. Before buying I had some misgivings. I read that the Chinese product that China can only be a toy for children, and not something that has an impact on security, etc. However, I had a hunch and decided zaryzykować.Na feeling lucky not confuse me! I am very pleased to say more, the tyres have exceeded my expectations! I put them all in all the car type later, I have ABS and ESP, which affects the overall behavior of the car and the tyres, but it is known that no system will not help if the tyre is bad. Passat has the drive to the front and rear dociążony what can be seen in the curves, poor adhesion of the rear axle, but even moving the wyjeżdżonym snow is not a problem, boors is also very good, he would have been the truth to the people, to ABS to work. Overall I would recommend to anyone who wants to have good tyres for a small money. I also recommend the cheapest there :) PEACE more »

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