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Summer tyres: Radar

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Recently added reviews

Poor quality
Opinion Tim D: 2.9

The tyres are losing air pressure and have to be inflated every week. Nothing has changed in my driving style or my trips I take in the car. I have taken then to the local tyre depot to be checked and there is no punctures and they are properly fitted. I only normally check my tyre pressures every month and rarely had to inflate. So having to do it weekly is a real pain. For that reason I would not recommend these tyres. more »

good enough
Opinion Stony: 3.5

I used some premium class tyres but they got worn off quite fast as I use a vehicle a lot for the work purposes. I decided to try some budget class tyre and check if it will last for the similar time and it does. Radar Dimax R8 is a good choice for everyone who need to change tyres often. more »

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Winter tyres: Radar

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Recently added reviews

Author:Stev mc queen
Opinion Stev mc queen: 5.0

Quitter than expected. Much quieter than my 3 times the price summer tyres. Excellent in snow and ice. Brilliant tyre. Can even compare to premium tyres These are amazing Will be running theses all year round. So cheap and makes the Octavia quite more »

Author:David Mead
Opinion David Mead: 5.0

These are great tyres, they have excellent grip in all weather an temperature. I have these on my wife's car to make sure she has maximum grip and safe. more »

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All season tyres: Radar

Popular models of all season tyres Radar

All models of Radar all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion Sanita: 5.0

Highly recommend this tyres for drivers who want drive with confidence at all seasons ( in Scotland it could happen in same day). more »

Author:Pip Design
Opinion Pip Design: 5.0

These are one of the best tyres i have had fitted to my vehicles. Will deffo have these again. more »

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