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Imperial recommended tyres

Imperial Ecosport

428 reviews

From 62 £ pcs.
Imperial Ecosport 2

41 reviews

From 40 £ pcs.
Imperial Ecodriver 4

6 reviews

From 32 £ pcs.

In our offer, we have 11 Imperial tyre models
priced from £36 to £78.

Imperial car tyres

Imperial All Season Driver

49 reviews

From 47 £ pcs.
Imperial Snowdragon HP

47 reviews

From 49 £ pcs.
Imperial Ecodriver 5

5 reviews

From 53 £ pcs.
Imperial Snowdragon 3

167 reviews

From 59 £ pcs.

Imperial 4x4 tyres

Imperial RF07
From 61 £ pcs.
Imperial Ecosport SUV

7 reviews

From 66 £ pcs.

Imperial Van tyres

Imperial Ecovan 3
From 65 £ pcs.
Imperial Snowdragon 2

226 reviews

From 73 £ pcs.

A Belgian brand of economy segment tyres, producing tyres for passenger cars (including SUVs) and light commercial vehicles. Imperial is a private brand of Deldo Autobanden N.V., one of the largest tyre wholesalers in Europe. It was established in 2011, created by the owners of Deldo.

Key dates:
1973 – establishment of Deldo Autobanden N.V. in Antwerp,
2001 – launch of Deldo private tyre labels production in the South China Tire and Rubber Company factories,
2010 – Deldo's turnover reaches €325 million; sales at a record level of 7.5 million tyres,
2011 – debut of the Imperial brand; first passenger car tyres ,
2012 – Imperial’s range of tyres is expanded with winter tyres and tyres for SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

Interesting facts:

The twin Imperial brands offered by the Belgian company are Minerva, Fortuna, Tristar and Deldo.

Imperial tyres are available in 46 countries worldwide, including most European markets.

Deldo is a company founded by Jos Delcroix and Paulo Donkers. The company name (DEL-DO) was created from the first letters of their surnames.

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Our customers' opinions on Imperial tyres:

  • James 4.4

    Imperial Ecosport 2

    These are great budget/intermediate tyres and I’ve had these on my vehicle now since 2020 as the car came with these tyres on brand new when I purchased it and I’ve just replaced all 4 tyres again after doing 30,000 miles on them and this is why I’ve bought them again, as I have been impressed with them for all types of driving in dry and wet. See more >
  • Bart 4.7

    Imperial Ecodriver 4S

    Imperial Ecodriver 4S is one of the best tyres. Works well for both, winter and summer time. I do not regret that I bought all season tyres. I have been advised that this kind of tyres are not even good solution due to the fact that they can not really handle winter weather. I can not agree and with clear conscience and responsibility I can say that this Imperial model works for purpose, no doubts. I can feel no difference between this model and any other premium class tyres which I have used so far. Great benefit is the fact that I do not need to change the tyres for each season and wate my time and money to do it. Recommended. See more >
  • Greg 5.0

    Imperial Snowdragon HP

    Imperial Snowdragon HP is really good. I use it on commercial vehicle. Deliberately I have exteneded the winter season a bit just to check how they will perform in some higher temperatures and it was absolutely fine. Definietely will buy next set and it will be enough for few years I guess. Recommended. See more >
  • Dany Sekus 4.7

    Imperial Ecosport

    This tire is made for people who do not want to pay for money in Bonco for tires of the same class as Michelin, Brigdestone, etc. They cost huge amounts ranging from 600 up to 1,100 zlotys per tire, and I have the whole set for the equivalent of one tire. Maybe they are clashing faster, maybe they are of inferior quality, I know that they have a B class on wet and rolling resistance C, but these tires are really worth recommending! See more >