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Imperial Tyres

Imperial Tyres

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A Belgian brand of economy segment tyres, producing tyres for passenger cars (including SUVs) and light commercial vehicles. Imperial is a private brand of Deldo Autobanden N.V., one of the largest tyre wholesalers in Europe. It was established in 2011, created by the owners of Deldo.

Key dates:
1973 – establishment of Deldo Autobanden N.V. in Antwerp,
2001 – launch of Deldo private tyre labels production in the South China Tire and Rubber Company factories,
2010 – Deldo's turnover reaches €325 million; sales at a record level of 7.5 million tyres,
2011 – debut of the Imperial brand; first passenger car tyres ,
2012 – Imperial’s range of tyres is expanded with winter tyres and tyres for SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

Interesting facts:

The twin Imperial brands offered by the Belgian company are Minerva, Fortuna, Tristar and Deldo.

Imperial tyres are available in 46 countries worldwide, including most European markets.

Deldo is a company founded by Jos Delcroix and Paulo Donkers. The company name (DEL-DO) was created from the first letters of their surnames.

Opinions of our clients about Imperial tyres:

The opinions about Imperial tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Adam 4.4

    Imperial Ecosport 2 245/45 R18

    Tyres are very good in appearance as well as in traction. Previously I had used premium brand tyres fitted. and i was not happy at all. These are mainly tyres form imported cars. I paid 300 for two tyres and here I bought two new ones for 410. I have to say this are Chinese tyres but I am really satisfied. My car it is not a speed daemon but on German motorway is doing his job although is almost 20 years old. Tyres are quiet and safe, no vibration at any speeds.. There were no problems with balancing. I bought for a friend of 4 pieces 245/40/18 is satisfied. It has good tyres, above all new and reliable. I recommend these tyres. More >
  • Dany Sekus 4.7

    Imperial Ecosport 225/45 R18

    This tire is made for people who do not want to pay for money in Bonco for tires of the same class as Michelin, Brigdestone, etc. They cost huge amounts ranging from 600 up to 1,100 zlotys per tire, and I have the whole set for the equivalent of one tire. Maybe they are clashing faster, maybe they are of inferior quality, I know that they have a B class on wet and rolling resistance C, but these tires are really worth recommending! More >
  • Michał 4.5

    Imperial Ecodriver 3 215/60 R16

    The tyres are on a 4x4 fork, i haven't done many miles on them yet and they are my first tyres on this car so i don't have a comparison, but they are quiet, the tread doesn't disappear in a flash like on the dunlops i have on my other car. My opinion is that it is not worth overpaying for a brand, i recommend imperials, and i will also buy imperials for my second car in spring, because there is nothing better at this price! More >
  • Zayac 4.4

    Imperial Ecodriver 2 175/70 R13

    The biggest advantage of these tires is in my opinion good value for money. Adhesion is their biggest advantage. Even at very high speeds on the highway, the car probably holds the road. Well hold on to the road even in the wet nawierzchni.Doskonały choice for drivers not riding aggressively or moving around the city. More >
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