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Summer tyres: Landsail

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Recently added reviews

Good, quiet and cheap
Opinion elsenior: 4.2

I was forced to buy tyres because I bought a car that had them fitted but 2 were in a terrible condition so I decided to risk it and instead of 4 new other manufacturers I bought 2 new Landsail. I had the opportunity to test them quickly because I had a 550km route to the sea and I am positively surprised. I have never heard of this company, only that it's Chinese. 225 tires are already wide and should roar, meanwhile, when driving 190-200km / h, we talked calmly with my wife. They stick to the road and look great. It is true that only about 3000 km done because the car is mainly stationary, but I think they can do it. I would recommend. more »

Cheap, cheap, I feel safe
Opinion Anna: 3.9

Before, I had more expensive tyres that slipped on wet roads, every time I started! Now with Landsail I am thrilled, again and again. There are better ones but with normal and reasonable driving styles, the tyres are good. more »

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Winter tyres: Landsail

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Recently added reviews

excellent quality / price ratio
Opinion giorgio : 3.8

I couldn't test them in every conditions and situations yet but my experience so far is pretty good. Traction is ok, driving comfort too. Some drivers will say that it is hard and stiff tyre but it is not a problem to me at all. more »

seems to be ok
Opinion bdriver: 4.6

Disadvantage: the tyre creates some noise at higher speeds but it is not disturbing to me. Advantage: price and good traction on slush or light snow. more »

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All season tyres: Landsail

Popular models of all season tyres Landsail

All models of Landsail all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Opinion Cinzia: 4.3

Absolutely good considering the price. Good on dry and wet asphalt. For the snow they have not been tested yet. Not too loud. I would definitely recommend them more »

good tyre for price
Opinion john moye: 4.4

Replaced original tyres with these & very impressed no change to fuel economy & still quiet & about the same wear as the original tyres . more »

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