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Summer tyres: Falken

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Falken ZE 914
Great tire for a great price.
Opinion Lucas: 4.5

I use my Falken ZE 914 tyres in quite a pawerful car - 218 BHP and 500 Nm. Previously, I had Dunlop tyres and Michelin Pilot Primacy ones, and I thought there are no better tyres. It turns out that Falken ZE 914 not only matches Michelins with their grip, which is important for me, but also has harder shoulders than Michelin and due to that it behaves better during aggressive driving. Of course, the driving comfort on bumpy roads is a bit worse, but I have Run Flat tyres as my winter set, so after chenging to Falken it's still better. I only did ca. 700 miles on my tyres, so I don't know what will be their wear. However, I am very pleased with Falken ZE 914 as they grip the car nicely on both dry and wet. At such a price there's probably no better tyre with such parameters as Falken ZE 914. more »

Falken FK 453
Cracking tyre for the price
Opinion KrisM: 4.6

I always use Falken and have done for 10yrs. There will be better tyres out there but i find these consistently perform well and wear over a reasonable time. I would rather spend less and swap them out at 3mm than run expensive tyres to the legal limit. I have them on both my cars and find the dry and wet grip superb on the Honda family saloon. Great for quick road. So i gave them a go on the rear of my Supra TT replacing Vredenstein Sessanta which were really good. After 500 miles i have to say: Impressed with the wet weather grip and even with 400hp you get a bit of warning when they start to slip. Amazing on dry roads and handle the twisty sections very well. Falken are a big brand in Japan yet over here are classed as budget, i disagree and think we get a great deal. more »

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Winter tyres: Falken

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Falken HS 439
Summary. If someone does not have the jam sport, this tire is sufficient for normal driving. A big plus is that it is made in Japan! state and not inside, and the like. Once I had Dębice Frigo and discouraged tires manufactured in Poland.
Opinion Wlodek: 3.5

Welcome. On these two winter tires I drove, I live in London so that was driven route to Polish and back to the trip in the Polish mountains alps in winter and skiing in Livigno. After Mazury land of 1000 km per year on average. So far, I drove about 17000 km. I will say this tire good, decent stick to the road slush very ok, kopny snow satisfactorily-time I had to wear chains in the Alps but it's normal. my driving style on the average estimate pollination is not as stupid on the highway in the winter but the 130-140 can ride on them as compacted snow is fired up to 100km. Check with Parking in without a problem. Personally, I can not recommend Clincher. Earlier mialme black Fulda and was also ok, but what surprised me is a small fuel tank! I think that even leisurely two winters on them posmigam. more »

Falken HS 449
Great winter tires for the price. Definitely recommend!
Opinion Dawid Karp: 4.7

Falken uses in his Alfa Romeo 165 horse. The combination of Italian fantasy and Japanese technology is a recipe for driving pleasure in all conditions. I live in Suwalki, there was a lot of snow this winter (unless, as always ...), cold or ice on the road sometimes gave its toll. Tire HS449 was walking me out of trouble sometimes - as in so in the route. In early spring I noticed a wide screw driven into the back-tread - no nothing disappeared from the air, got to the vulcanizer no problem. Wear after one season imperceptible, despite the very soft compound - depreciation was on them a whole lot better now than in the summer (at the same pressure). The tire works well when driving fast - 210 km / h for a long time does not make any impression on her. We would highly recommend this tire! more »

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All season tyres: Falken

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Falken Euroall Season AS200
Price to quality = revelation, especially in winter
Opinion Piotr M.: 4.1

In winter on snow and slush it behaves super like a typical winter tyre and is better than my previous Barum winter tyres, there were no problems driving on snow and uphill, it also behaves quite well in the rain drains water well I had no problems even with fast driving, I haven't used it on hot days yet, but at +15 there were no problems with normal driving, only with sudden braking from a higher speed it did not have as good grip as a summer tyre and it is the only minus, but overall I am very happy and recommend it as all-season an indication for the autumn-winter period more »

Falken Euroall Season AS200
Very good tires. I'm pleased.
Opinion f: 4.2

After covering more than 2,000 km in December and January, I think the tyres are very good. I haven't had the opportunity to check them on deep snow. This season, in my city, the snow has fallen only once and melted quite quickly. But in these conditions they performed very well. A specific whistle is heard on slightly wet surfaces. It is not very loud and does not interfere with driving. The more that I can hear in the range of 50-70 km / h. Wet braking is definitely better than on Continental Winter Contact TS810 tyres. The tyres roll quietly on dry roads. But for this car I compare to Continental Winter Contact TS810. It's quieter than on Conti. Braking on dry asphalt in winter is also better than in the case of Continental. It is possible that this is a matter of comparing a new tyre with a slightly worn one. Very nicely suppress small irregularities - so springy and quiet. Although now there seems to be more asphalt cracks than when driving on continents. But it is definitely quieter. It is very stable at highway speeds. These are not my first all-season tyres. In another car I already had Barum Quartaris and Goodyear Eagle Vector EV2 +. Goodyears are good but loud. Barum's quiet, but on wet surfaces you have to be careful - the car gets understeer. Falken AS200 now seem to have great properties - good on dry, wet and light snow. We will see how it will be in other conditions. more »

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