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Summer tyres: Kumho

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Kumho KH17
I'm surprised high ratings ...
Opinion seba: 3.0

I bought a used car, and the seller gave me kmpl wheels with tires Kumho Solus. Since I bought the car in the winter I drove first to the other tires, and after an exchange for summer Kumho experienced disappointment. After the exit from the vulcanizer, zauwazłem greater resistance maneuvers kierownicą.Po few days riding was only worse, the great hum when driving, a large rolling resistance, poor adherence direction .... I thought it was sloppy work vulcanizer and went after a week of driving for a change another vulcanizer to check the balance wheel, and advice. It turned out that the wheels are well balanced and very little can help :( I will say that the ride for now is so cumbersome that I think about replacing tires even though they still have a high tread and should serve long .... definitely not recommend! more »

Kumho KU31
Very good tire for the money
Opinion Radowan Dragunov: 4.6

Tire writes very well in dry conditions. Wet revelation. After entering at 70km / h in a fairly deep puddle, only hampered auto. Not jerked the wheel to the side and the car does not roll off the track. As well behave with asymmetrical driving (two sides of the car in different conditions) such as asphalt / sand or dry / water. I ride rather quietly, but sometimes I hurry and then presses the gas and quite dynamically changing speeds and directions. Tire very predictable and did not disappoint me or when braking or when cornering or acceleration. Not one slip which could not be controlled. I'm very happy. Compared with the previous Dunlop Sport SP01 not noticed traction worse and sometimes better behavior. more »

Winter tyres: Kumho

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Kumho I`ZEN XW KW17
Nice oponka
Opinion Wojtek: 3.6

Overall, not a bad tyre - I would even say that in trials such as braking on wet and dry fared much better than years of Fulda Carat Assuro. The fact that they were older but larger 195/50R15 (175/65R14 Kumho winter tyres) and a lot better to me to have inhibited (abs went off, but the effect was marginal). Moving off smoothly on snow right - because such Cormorants Snowpro from a friend did not give council Panda pull the hill, and the Korean tyre easily reached out to me and my Honda. Highly I rate depreciate these inequalities tyres. The big downside is the inhibition of the slush, but who in the winter goes quickly and carelessly? Relatively high attrition. The tyre is definitely better than all the Ling-Long'i, Cormorants. more »

Kumho KC15
good tires the council
Opinion guips3333: 3.8

I put these tires two years ago ela first season they only did the winter. I live in the high mountains, and use the car to go to work, I have used with any condition dry behave well, the hairpin bends I have tried several times to let the ESP consediseguenza I rate the good dry grip. In the wet the things change and I would not dare too especially if the tire is no longer new. On snow and ice my assessment is very good both on fresh snow on beaten by snowplow, I never had to enter the 4x4 to lack of traction and I would say that it has brought these tires at the limit of good snow-covered roads also sealing and braking. and downhill OBVIOUS THAT THE SNOW SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DRIVE. Riacqisterei these tires more »

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All season tyres: Kumho

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Opinion Corsa: 4.3

Hello you. All season tires advised me against myself also had objections, because as something to all this for nothing. I'm surprised they pleased, once the tire riding in a big rain in the countryside, not afraid to enter directly into the puddles, not even a little jerked the wheel, the speed of 80 km / h, with 100 lightly was felt that her struggles. The Snow also a pleasant surprise - the car chassis spawn, and he was driving. There was also the problem of possibly moving car in the snow, on ice knows no tire spikes. The tire is soft it will be her minus, in the summer I suspect that the faster you wipe. But it gives advice and as per our conditions are not even wondered whether I buy them again. Vulcanizer said that it looks solid, and I will add that solidly on their travels. more »

With all-season tires are the best on the market
Opinion voitek: 4.6

I drove from February to December (daily about 100km). The tyre sticks to the road well even in cold weather, and moderate snow (shallow and compacted - as in the city). In deep not driven so do not say. Tyre wear small, so the exchange (I mention below 3.5 mm) from the purchase of the vehicle ~ 3-4 years. The rain had a great lead (both at +20 C and 0C), is predictable. At higher speeds (> 110km / h) on a sharp curve in desczu once I went back a little, but it was impossible to move quietly, without changing the belt. In dry - quiet and no problems. Wet - hamowaniena straight and curved a lot better than the Michelin summer. I recommend to all who live in the city and winter tyres are not needed them for five days in the year, when the drive on the streets not cleared of snow. more »