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Summer tyres: Kumho

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Recently added reviews

High End Tyre at Low Price
Opinion S. Taylor: 5.0

I would say that this is a mid range tyre, its not top of the range but personally it performs just as good if not better than some at the topoint of the range (Continental Sport Contact) The ride quality seems to be very good given these tyres are fairly low profile and coupled with sports suspension you can espect some discomfort on rougher roads but it's not the least bit unbearable. The tyres perform well in all conditions aside from snow which I have not had the chance to drive them but I will have by then switched over to winter tyres. They grip perform flawlessly on dry tarmac and very well in heavy rain, wind and even sleet, the same can be said when braking harshly, they do not seem to loose any grip, wet or dry, taking corners at speed wet or dry doesn't seem to bother them either. I work in mobile Security ND I'm covering anything up to 500 miles per week, they tyres do not seem to have lost very much in tread but I do have my vehicle tracking and balance checked regularly (2-3 months) They look very nice and sporty and they clean up well using Autglym Tyre Dressing. All in all I would highly recommend these to anyone, they are fairly cheap I think I paid around £60 per tyre. They look good they perform excellently can't go wrong with Kumho, will most likely buy the same again. more »

Opinion Singed: 4.2

I have my Kumho KU31 tyres in the size 225/55R16. I bought them because they have good resutls in the tests, and they are cheap, compared to Michelin. At first, I bought two tyres for the front axle. Comapred to my previous Sunny they are way better. After two months, I bought another two for the rear and it was there where I got a bit disappointed. At the speed of 95 MPH the whole car shakes. I got the wheels re-balanced three times, but with no avail. It turned out that my two new tyres were faulty and I got two new ones. Now it's fine, but I was nervous for some time due to that. I can say thar Kumho KU31 are very good in the rain - you don't hear anything, they cut through the water nicely. I don't know if I buy Kumho KU31 again in a year or two after such trouble, but overall I can recommend them. Kumho KU31 are good tyres for a decent price. more »

Winter tyres: Kumho

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Opinion Joel: 4.2

Was a bit apprehensive about not buying a premium tire, but on my big wheels it was just too expensive. Settled for these after quite a lot of research and reading and after a few months of driving up in arctic Sweden I’m very surprised at how well they behave. We’ve had everything from black ice , supercooled rain and heavy snow and I’ve not had any problems. I was confident they would do the job in snow, but they have also been decent on ice. Will never be as good as studded tires on ice, but for all year tires I think I’ve made a great buy. more »

Tires are not, in advance,
Opinion Golden: 2.7

Kumho I'ZEN KW27 are not bad on dry, black tarmac but they are useless if the road is covered with just a bit of snow. Grip on snow or after-snow mud is almost none. I have to corner on 1st or 2nd gear because I am affraid of crashing. Going up-hill makes a lot of problems as well. Last year I got Fulda and they were much better than Kumho I'ZEN KW27. more »

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All season tyres: Kumho

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Recently added reviews

Very good
Opinion Amedeo : 4.6

All season tyres which perfectly suits to a small drive around car. I am really happy with them in winter and summer conditions. more »

Good price, good quality
Opinion Seba: 4.0

Tyres for this class of car recommendable, I bought at a good price and Iam happy. more »