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Summer tyres: Michelin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Michelin PRIMACY 3
Rare advantage that nowadays not only for price but ultimately the quality and durability
Opinion Jerzy: 5.0

I had earlier on the official Mondeo 1.8 predecessor Primacy HP. I gave the car after 3 years with the course of about 80 thousand miles on these Samach summer tires with whom I went to the living room and the only set winter tires. On the next car also asked about Michelin dealer and picked up on Primacy3 Passat. After 4 years, I gave the car already in the first set of tires in decent shape at the meter reading over 90 thousand km. Therefore, I do not understand complaints about the rapid wear. Or unusual or switched geometry or children in the home are starting to borrow a car from my parents;). All parameters at a high level so I think Michelin a good investment. If the suspension feels the same comfort as a driver and it would probably be less tired and is not a problem. I highly recommend! more »

Top Quality Tyre, Definately Recommend
Opinion TheYorkshireBiker93: 4.7

I bought these tyres for the multiple bikes i own. A gixxer 1000, Z750, Panigale and R1M. I put these tyres on all my bikes as the trust i have in them is on another level. They warm up relatively quickly to give good grip in cold, wet conditions. Ive never felt them slide or skip out while commuting. When the roads are dry, the tyres again, warm up nicely and give a fantastic feel through the bends. The level of grip is very high, and if you manage to get these sliding , then it can be controled quite easily. Whether you are just a commuter in all weather or you ride lets say 'like a nutter' then these tyres wont let you down. and for the price, you cant beat them. the next best tyres in my opinion would be the supercorsas and we all know how much they are more »

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Winter tyres: Michelin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Michelin ALPIN 5
first ride today :)
Opinion Vlad: 4.9

I was wondering for a quite long time, what tyres should I choose. First I have checked Continental, but they did not have my size (850), so I have decided on Michelin ALPIN 5. I was not sure, did I made a correct decision, due to lack of reviews and test resulst (except for one ADAC). I do not know why there is still Alpine 4 but well... It is hard to write the opinion after first drive, but I did the first few hundred miles and ..... the drive is stable and really quiet (I stepped up to the 93 mph and the noise was bearly heard). What is the most important: the fuel efficiency is fantastic, amazing SURPRISE. I hope that my review will help someone, due to lack of reviews. I am fully recommend Michelin ALPIN 5. :) It is hard to have an opinion about the grip on snow or wet surfaces yet. more »

the route is no better
Opinion grizzly: 4.3

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 is excellent when it comes to behaviour at high speed on the motorway. I often go abroad and the tyre drains water really well and behaves nicely on slush. If I have to find a drawback I have to say I live in the mountains and I never had any problems with grip, but sometimes when you go through mountain routes, the tyre is not enough. For residents of the mountain areas it's not recommended to buy them if the roads are bumpy and always covered in snow. For such conditions you can only get a good tyre with a decent tread. However, I would recommend it to drivers who cover large distances, as it behaves correctly and has low abrasion. more »

All season tyres: Michelin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Michelin CrossClimate 2
Author:j. Roberts
Opinion j. Roberts: 5.0

I have bought these tyres for the last 3 years and are very happy with them. A good all round tyre with excellent grip in snowy conditions. more »

Michelin CrossClimate+
Great wet & dry grip. Quiet!
Opinion eldrak21: 5.0

These are absolutely fantastic tyres. Great grip in wet and dry. Haven't tested in snow yet. The tyres are quiet. Highly recommended! more »