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Summer tyres: Michelin

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Best combination of grip and wear I have found yet
Opinion Tim: 4.9

Originally I bought a spare set of 17" wheels for my old Merc off ebay, they came with these tyres on with a few mm of tread left, so I though I'd rag them stupid before refurbing the wheels. I have a local favourite roundabout, which is actually oval, and I do like to slide around it if there's no-one about to tell me off. I was amazed at how much grief I could give these tyres and how long they lasted despite be driving like I stole it. When they break grip, they do very progressively, oversteer is easily controlled even by a rank amateur like me. So I bought a new full set of 4. I have just replaced the rears after 25K miles, all sorts of driving, including a few thousand on the German autobahns. I regularly do 110mph there, 130mph if my wife is asleep, and did max out at 147mph last summer. These tyres have been rock solid all the time. I reckon the front tyres will do 30K before I change them. In the wet they perform just like in the dry except everything happens earlier. They can pull severely if you hit a big puddle - the tread pattern is quite old fashioned. I've hooned down gravel roads, hit massive suspension bending potholes, kerbed them, spun them up until they smoke, basically been very, very cruel to them and they have not let me down. They are not the most grippy I've ever had, but for long life and their ability so soak up all sorts of evil punishment - overall I think they are the best I've ever had. more »

Okay, but no revelations.
Opinion Stephen: 3.9

I looked for a suitable tyre for summer for a BMW 318d E91 with sports suspension (M-kit) and I decided to buy Michelin Pilot Sport 3, expecting this tyre to achieve high results. As for now, I am partially satisfied. Here is the answer why. Its advantages are very good handling, high driving precision, also on wet surfaces, short braking distance, low rolling resistance (since I fitted Michelin Pilot Sport 3 to my car, I didn’t notice any change in fuel consumption). It has good resistance to mechanical damage – I happened to drive on a curb at ca. 25 MPH at the angle of 30 degrees, the wheel slid off and the edge scraped the wheel. The alloy wheel was damaged and the tyre didn’t have any signs of that hit. They also absorb the bumps well (and these are non-Run Flat tyres) despite its relatively low profile. Its drawback is definitely its noise level. I can hear their humming (tyres are 225/45R17) at 40 MPH already, and above 60 MPH it combines with the sound of the air around the car. I was expecting this tyre to be much more quiet, despite the fact it’s a “sports” tyre. I don’t rate its wear as I have only done ca. 1800 miles, and as for now there are no signs of wear. more »

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Winter tyres: Michelin

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Recently added reviews

Opinion Matt: 4.2

Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 are really excellent tyres. I bought them because they perfomed very well in the ADAC tests. I used them in various conditions: fresh deep snow, ice covered with coarse gravel (they don't do actual snow clearing in Slovakia), slush, wet and dry surface. Everytime it had great grip. Some examples: - light frost, foggy, rime frost starting to appear and black ice, I checked the road's slippiness and no problems withnormal braking. During a very sharp one ABS switches on; - very steep (the slope was about 15 - 20%), about 1/4 mile long covered with compact snow, my car went up the hill without any problems, - driving on snow and ice in Slovakia, wide roads sprinkled with tiny stones - you can drive safely at about 60-70km/h, if you don't make any sudden movements then you have full control of the vehicle - driving in slush - all slush gets beautifully drained - driving on water - |I never experienced aquaplaning, all the water gets drained away - dry surface - their grip is just sensational. In addition,after I had these tyres fitted I notied a significant decrease of fuel consumption (my previous tyres were some old Michelin Pilots from 2000. They were ones of the best back then but I can't remember what model exactly it was). Overall, Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 are great tyres, snow drifts, deep puddles or mud won't be a problem for a driver who uses these tyres. I absolutely recommend, they're worth the money spent on them. more »

Very good tires at a reasonable price.
Opinion Michal.O: 4.6

Despite the fact that I have not done a lot of miles on the Michelin Alpin A4 tyres, I am not afraid of winter conditions at all. I can tell something about them. The lowest temperature I had an opportunity to drive on them in was -17℃ and the highest one was 17 ℃. The tyres are doing very well in low temperatures. In dry conditions they provide an excellent adhesion. In the higher temperature it is even better. My car goes uphill easily even if there is a really snowy hill (it goes easy even without ESP). I was positively surprised by braking in snow as ABS did not have to activate. The only type of surface I experienced a decrease in adhesion on is ice but it is rather a normal thing. There are no tyres that have a perfect grip on ice. The tread pattern is quite hard. It was designed for long-term use. The rolling resistance is reduced. The Michelin Alpin A4 tyres are extremely comfortable although their rubber compound is not so soft. My car drives smoothly even on uneven surfaces. The noise level is acceptable. In summary, I do recommend these tyres! more »

All season tyres: Michelin

Popular models of all season tyres Michelin

All models of Michelin all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Great wet & dry grip. Quiet!
Opinion eldrak21: 5.0

These are absolutely fantastic tyres. Great grip in wet and dry. Haven't tested in snow yet. The tyres are quiet. Highly recommended! more »

Author:Derek Wood
Opinion Derek Wood: 5.0

2nd set for my car. Excellent tyres. My wife also has then, again second set for her more »

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