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Summer tyres: Superia

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All models of Superia summer tyres

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Tires are not inferior to the best reputable tire companies, Very good tires.
Opinion Andrzej: 4.8

I am really pleased with my purchase of the SUPERIA ECOBLUE HP. The tyres are fantastic, they drive well, they are quiet, they look nice, they are very well made, there are no problems with balancing, they grip well on dry as well as wet pavement. After driving about 2 thousand, no wear. The price for this high quality is sensational. That they are Chinese is a myth, they are SUPER. I recommend. I will certainly buy them again. Translated with (free version) more »

Opinion Luck: 4.2

Well, Superia Ecoblue UHP it is the budget class tyre. The main advantage is price. Wet grip is fine, noise level could be better. I am pretty sure that it will be possible to use them for at least three seasons. Recommended for anyone who do not want to spend too much. more »

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Winter tyres: Superia

Popular models of winter tyres Superia

All models of Superia winter tyres

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Author:Big Alz
Opinion Big Alz: 5.0

I felt confident driving in snow and in the wet, ,no slipping, well planted more »

Author:Ionut Ovidiu Ciurea
Opinion Ionut Ovidiu Ciurea: 4.0

Very good quality more »

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All season tyres: Superia

Popular models of all season tyres Superia

All models of Superia all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Poor tyres when it comes to rain or snow. It's not worth it on wet surfaces. The car is terribly hot on the road as it is wet.
Opinion Kuba: 2.8

I would recommend adding a little more cash and buying something better. The tyres are ok for the price, but unfortunately I am looking for something better, because for the winter and autumn periods they do not meet my requirements. more »

A good tyre for relatively little money
Opinion Admir P.: 4.7

We chose these tyres and do not regret this purchase. Other manufacturers don't necessarily offer better quality, it's just the expensive name you pay for. We can only recommend these tyres and would buy them again at any time. more »

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