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Summer tyres: Superia

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Opinion Luck: 4.2 111120

Well, Superia Ecoblue UHP it is the budget class tyre. The main advantage is price. Wet grip is fine, noise level could be better. I am pretty sure that it will be possible to use them for at least three seasons. Recommended for anyone who do not want to spend too much. more »

Bad tires
Opinion Kamil: 2.6 116000

Cheep tires , very poor quality- couldn’t get geometry done properly as 3 of them was “uneven “ but decide to keep them on ( to big hassle to refund , replace and wait for new one ) wouldn’t recommend trying to save couple off pounds for it more »

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All season tyres: Superia

Popular models of all season tyres Superia

All models of Superia all season tyres

Recently added reviews

I didn't expect these tyres to be so good. I do recommend.
Opinion Sebastian: 4.1 111110

I think the Superia EcoBlue 4s tyres are worth being recommended. They are pretty quiet. Taking into consideration their reasonable price you shouldn't even hesitate. Just buy and drive. I really recommend them. more »

Great product and the price is reasonable.
Opinion sandro quaresima: 4.8 111180

Good tyres. I do recommend them to all my friends and family as the price is not too high. I must admit that even my mechanic was pleased with them. more »

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