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Opinion Niall: 3.0

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Author:ja ja
Opinion ja ja: 2.0

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Chinese tires. on dry even give advice, but in the wet is a tragedy. falls as it's hard to go underground garage, you need to take momentum. When braking in the wet it turns ABS immediately. Auto behaves as if the ice was going. It should be awfully careful. more »

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Good budget A/T tire
Opinion George: 3.8

Inexpensive A/T tyre. Basically a copy of the BF Goodritch All Terrain tread. Sidewall has a little tread for ruts. Tire is wide and bites well on tarmac and mild off road surfaces. Clogs in thick mud, it's not a mud tire though. Would be improved with better sidewall tread and protection. more »

Good all round tyre
Opinion Alf: 4.6

Great budget tyre more »

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