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Summer tyres: Zeta

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Excellent cornering
Opinion fabio: 3.8

Excellent performance when driving fast: very responsive and accurate. Especially at high speed (between 130 and 150 km / h). I find this tyre a very good choice, not only because of price but also for lower fuel consumption that I could happily see after my first 500 km ... The price is clearly very affordable. more »

immejorable quality and price
Opinion colorcete: 3.7

It is third set of tyres I changed just being bored, picked up a few Chinese brands, comparing their value and price. I drove those all day and these ones' behavior is so fantastic that while everyday driving I won'y count kilometers. more »

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Winter tyres: Zeta

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All looks good at the moment
Opinion Gp: 4.6

All looks well at minute more »

Extremely good value for money
Opinion Frank Ostermann: 3.7

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Very good tires for the price. I'm expensive brand tires driven at high prices, which had much poorer driving properties. more »

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