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Summer tyres: Rockstone

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Minerva F105
I would definitely recommend these tires are great and at an affordable price.
Opinion Moncik: 4.2

Hello! I decided to purchase Chinese tyres, I took a chance and did not regret it. I drove so far, albeit a small distance, but I can confidently say that the tyres are great, very well behave on the road, they are very comfortable despite the large size of 18 "and you can not hear them at all. Tyres I was going to buy the" original " company, but in this size price is set well after 2000zł above., I paid half that amount. And another thing I never buy used tyres (anyone yet for some reason they fired), I prefer the Chinese new 3-year warranty. would recommend to all which range from taking a decision (it took me 4 months and learned opinions on all tyres available on the market - they were different). Rockstone F 105 - this model is also under other brand names such as Minerva. greet Michael. more »

Rockstone F109
The young
Opinion Młody: 3.8

I have been forced to replace tires by the police turned out when I do not have control of the tread. Because of this additional expense I decided to buy something cheaper. I was scared of driving on these tires but the proof you need to pick up and there was a pleasant surprise. In dry conditions really works very well and the wet well. Write something wiiecej the larger runs more »

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Winter tyres: Rockstone

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Rockstone Eco Snow SUV
Very satisfied with these tires !!!
Opinion David: 4.6

really I can say without exaggeration, the Rockstone Eco Snow SUV tires are working very well in winter conditions :) On dry roads and on wet floors behavior is correct. No noise or risk of slippage :) The tire has a beautiful appearance. Fuel consumption remained at the same level it is Hi David :) more »

Rockstone S210
excellent in every condition
Opinion paolojo: 3.7

amaze me the comments of others on the bad behavior of this tire. I think they are excellent on both dry and wet ... attention ch no pnumatici that allow you ultimate performance in both wet and dry conditions. recommend them, and most importantly, they will buy again more »

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