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Summer tyres: Imperial

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Recently added reviews

Great value for the price
Opinion Peter: 4.1

Purchased 2 tyres, fitted to the front of the Nissan Primastar. I will never buy Syrion or something like that !! Wiped out after 8 months on the inside and outside edges and the suspension and convergence checked, set. Now, the same withIMPERIAL, suspension checked. Driven 1500 km zero problems good turning noise approx. I don't see the difference between Bridgestone, of course expect price he he. We will see what happen next if something goes wrong, I will definitely write or edit this description. I recommend a minimum price for this van more »

Opinion Bart: 3.7

I am an installer and I have a workshop on the car, what is associated with frequent overcharging of the car. At the beginning, when I put on the tyres, it seemed to me that it would not last for long, However, now after traveling over 11,000 km I can say that the tyre is worth buying. Other tyres after 7,000 km got bumps. The car is overloaded and there is nothing wrong with the tyre and therefore I can recommend it. more »

Winter tyres: Imperial

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Opinion Mark: 2.8

There are many positive opinions about this tire in the internet. I suspect that the authors may be people who did not use much more expensive, top models (the top model is not necessarily the top brand, though usually). Well, after converting summer tires (Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 245/40/18 - supposedly one of the quietest) for winter one, you could notice two meaningful changes: very quiet performance and quite dangerous behavior of the car in the usual, but dynamic driving. The sport suspension does not hide tire defects so the differences were immediately noticeable for me without any extreme testing. Immediately after shifting the wheels, so in identical conditions (dry surface, about 10 degrees) the braking distance increased by 50%. With decisive, but not cracking curves, the car buckled like damaged sleeves and was carried outside. On a wet surface, the braking distance is also longer than on summer tires, although not so drastically. However, there is a low aquaplaning tendency. I had no experience with snow - this year it will not be much better. The tyre could not be perfectly balanced even after 3 balancing. At frequent speed of 50-60 mph, rumbling is heard. more »

Last crap
Opinion radzikx: 1.4

Der Reifen ist billig, vielleicht den Preis wert, aber ich kann es nicht empfehlen. Auf trockenen Oberflächen funktioniert es richtig für den Preis. Auf einer nassen Oberfläche jedoch, ein wenig wie ein Karussell, ist es besser, um alles zu bleiben. Der Reifen hat im nassen Zustand einen sehr schlechten Halt, und ich werde nicht den Bremsweg erwähnen, an dem er gerade fließt. Ich hatte nicht die Gelegenheit, auf Schnee zu testen, aber in Sachen Schlamm ist es sehr schlecht für das, was nicht gut ist. Der Reifen ist sehr laut - vielleicht ist es in dieser Klasse okay, aber es ist eine Katastrophe für mich. Er rühmt sich gnadenlos. Im Hinblick auf den Rollwiderstand bin ich auch unzufrieden, weil der durchschnittliche Autoverbrauch um 1 Liter / 100 km gestiegen ist. Wenn sich jemand um einen sehr niedrigen Preis und ein Aussehen kümmert, dem es an nichts fehlt, aber nicht auf ihre Sicherheit und andere Verkehrsteilnehmer schaut, dann mutig kaufen. Ich werde es nicht zum zweiten Mal kaufen, weil das Leben immer noch sehr nett zu mir ist. In dieser Situation ist es gerechtfertigt, zu sagen, dass Schlauheit 2x verloren geht. more »

All season tyres: Imperial

Popular models of all season tyres Imperial

All models of Imperial all season tyres

Recently added reviews

Very good choice
Opinion Bart: 4.7

Imperial Ecodriver 4S is one of the best tyres. Works well for both, winter and summer time. I do not regret that I bought all season tyres. I have been advised that this kind of tyres are not even good solution due to the fact that they can not really handle winter weather. I can not agree and with clear conscience and responsibility I can say that this Imperial model works for purpose, no doubts. I can feel no difference between this model and any other premium class tyres which I have used so far. Great benefit is the fact that I do not need to change the tyres for each season and wate my time and money to do it. Recommended. more »

For the price a good choice.
Opinion Sodi: 4.0

I decided to purchase the Imperial tires just before my trip to Czech Republic. This is my first all season tires so I was a little scared, but unnecessarily The tires behave very well in difficult weather even without the chains. The tyres are simply superb. If I compare them to my summer run on flat tires, I must admit that they are surprisingly quiet. . The only drawback is their factory deformed round shape but vulcanizer said, that is the norm at this class tires. I do recommend them to all who look for cheap and reliable tires. more »

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