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Summer tyres: Gislaved

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Opinion van Halen: 4.2

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Hard for me to dwell on this tyre because I drive the car hard (VW Sharan). But I think it's a good choice. So far, I drove on the tyre about 2500 miles from the news and not see anything wrong in it. Excellent roadholding and comfort. As the wet air throws in incredible cloud of water - and still going to probably, due to the fact that it cuts well water (aquaplaning). First of all, it is quiet and relatively comfortable. When strong acceleration in the wet seems characteristic "ciamkanie" So it seems to me that it is soft rubber so it does. It's hard to tell me about the tread wear, but I've seen reviews online that (the tyre) does oversize mileage. more »

Opinion Robert: 3.4

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This is Pona year, so I do not demand from her to behave well in the snow - you have to be vigilant, it can surprise you. On the ice behaves exactly the same as winter tyres. On wet and dry, is exemplary - no surprises. Well, abrasion, on Dębicah done 50000 km, the same as Kleberach Gisalved still has tread and most importantly it is still a good supply. So far the best tyres on which I rode lorryiem. more »

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Quiet tyres with good grip
Opinion TripleX: 4.6

The tyre provides great grip on snow. IN the mountains where there is plenty of snow there was no problem to drive, no grip lose or something. Out of the city when driving on snow the grip is really satisfying, like the tyre was sticked to the ground. On dry the noise is almost unhearable which I cannot say about other makes I've had. The grip on wet is also great, water draining is on highest level. WHen driving into the puddle there was no problem with the control and steering, of course if it was done with normal speed. IN general the tyre is great, I've bought them new and I'm pleased. more »

very good price
Opinion Langner: 4.3

I've used them on Audi A4 1997 front wheel drive. Never had any problems with those tyres. Now I've decided to equipp my E-class W211 200 kompressor with Gislaved instead of the other make I had. The driving behaviour is waty better than what the competitors offer. Driving is really smooth and those tyres are really quiet. In deep snow the behaviour was satisfying, no under or oversteering. Great grip and draining. The last thing- price. I couldn't expect better price for such quality. Really good ratio. All in all I am a pleased customer. more »