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Summer tyres: Nokian Tyres

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Nokian Tyres Line
I do not recommend
Opinion fafik: 3.1

absolutely burned on those tires. At speeds of 110-120 steering wheel begins to shake and body. Small vibrations of the steering wheel several times per second, terribly annoying. Fault occurred since the time of installation and plant the tire saying that the tire has to be arranged. Fault occurred during longer journeys after warming up the tires. Nothing like that. Nothing has changed> I made this year a few thousand on them. miles and had to be replaced. New Michelins do not give these symptoms. It's all OK. There are a lot quieter and seemed better suppress. It was the fault of the tire. Zarówo shaking on the front and rear axles, so it's not one but more tire was defective. The claim has not been recognized, fortunately sold them for half price taxi driver. DO NOT RECOMMEND more »

Nokian Tyres Line
With a clear conscience recommend these donuts.
Opinion Prezes: 4.7

After about 3 thousand. km tires operate without charges. Previously ridden on Michelin and I think it competes with dignity Nokian brand. I checked the possibility of tires in different conditions, I might add that I drive a car tylnonapędowym rather dynamically. I failed at reasonable speeds fall into an uncontrollable skid, both wet and dry conditions. As for noise, for me without charge. The only drawback, I had problems with balancing these tires. Founded were on the original alloy wheels (after a full renovation, painting or straightening) and you do not hide in the vulcanization little worked very hard not to put the 80g weights. Rotating tires with respect to rim a little help, but as I said, was the difficulty in balancing. Overall Rating 5 +. I would recommend. more »

Winter tyres: Nokian Tyres

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Nokian Tyres WR D4
Very good tires in every respect.
Opinion Wojtek: 5.0

Tires are very quiet, and in addition their "softness" absorbs bumps in the road. When the first snow fell a bit of a potestowałem them in a remote instance. I was gaining speed to 50km / h and braking as if I had an obstacle in front of you. I was surprised by the effectiveness of these tires, so I normally inhibited on dry asphalt. Another time, when the morning was ice on the housing estate road to beat the hill (where the cars always slide) without any effort. I would recommend to anyone these tires. more »

Nokian Tyres WR SUV 3
Good tyres
Opinion Arczi: 4.3

Unfortunately I had a bad luck on these tyres. First balancing problems after installation caused by the fitting station or perhaps a bit worse quality of tyres produced in Russia that maybe not necessarily holds on to the standards? I don't know, but I survived hell when one tyre on the highway in the Czech Republic after hovering on a piece of alloy rims, which fell apart in another car just before I got to this place – the car was still on the emergency lights on the side. I was admiring how something like that, approx 10”, can knock your tyre of the rear wheel! It had to conquer exactly perpendicular. However in Austrian mountains these tyres did well on the road even though there was no snow except higher altitudes episodes that made access to the lifts. In Central Europe on the usual snow covered roads (because the road service fell asleep) I can't complain on them at all. Good braking and traction. more »

All season tyres: Nokian Tyres

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Nokian Tyres All Weather +
Robust średniak
Opinion Fili_P: 3.8

I'll say this - do not hold in the dry as well, in a truly dynamic cornering such as Ultra Grips, straight-ahead: start, stop no problem. On a wet probably even better than what some winter tires - especially when it's cold, in warmer temperatures, again with dynamic driving: a tad worse than some better tires. In winter, snow kopnym not see the difference between winter tyres - but the tire is still plenty of tread, see for a year or two. Generally, if you drive in the city, you live a bit outside the city and commute (even a ring road) - I see no point to visit 2x a year vulcanizer :-) proven themselves! If you want to ride fast, and summer and winter - not the way. more »

Nokian Tyres WeatherProof
Right tire for normal driving conditions. However, for testing in the snow.
Opinion Cathal: 4.0

I have had these tyres on my car for about 3000km. The car handles comparably to how it handled with my Dunlop summer tyres so very little trade off. The fuel consumption is identical too so as a direct replacement for a summer tyre there is little difference that I have noticed. I don't tend to push the car too much (100km/h speeds on twisty roads) so I can't comment on how they compare at their limits. We have yet to have snow and ice so I can't comment on the snow grip but if they perform as well as the reviews suggest then they should be a good all rounder for the generally moderate Irish weather. more »