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Summer tyres: Sailun

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Excellent value at the price
Opinion Steve Davis: 4.0

The Citroen C5 is heavy on front tyres - only last a year. I tried these after seeing a YouTube video of winter tyre performance. After fitting the first set I was advised to have them balanced ASAP as the tyre fitter could not balance Citroen centreless wheels. I didn't and on a 400 mile round trip a couple of weeks later realised that these were the only tyres I haven't had balanced and didn't need it - all previous ones needed it and none were really satisfactory, vibration and steering 'chatter' at around 70mph. The Attreza's are always very quiet, grip is as good as or better than far more expensive tyres, wear is about the same. I have had three full sets and am sufficiently pleased with them to continue using them in the foreseeable future. Additionally, the service I have received from Oponeo has been second to none. I have recommended these tyres and Oponeo to many of my friends and acquaintances (French Car Forum etc.) and will continue to do so. I have found no problems whatsoever with them. more »

Good Price Even better Grip
Opinion Gareth: 4.4

Have had these tyres first on the back of my Nissan 350z and now on the front of my A5 3.0 TDI, which are two totally different demands to ask of these tyres but both times have been fantastic. Offered great grip on both cars, both with 240bhp+ but also comfort on long trips and confidence in the wet. Wouldn't buy anything else when it comes to replacing the tyres on the back of my A5 and have recommended them to my friend for his 3.0 Z4 coupe and he loves them. Couldn't ask any more for the price your paying. I've had top end tyres and these do just as well if not better. Tyre wear is probably slightly higher then top brands but not enough to warrant the price difference and when you have higher grip your going to loose some longevity on the tyre. more »

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Winter tyres: Sailun

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If you are looking for good quality tyres and price constitutes the main criteria, then these tyres are for you.
Opinion ShiverDave: 4.5

I placed the order with Oponeo for a set of Sailun ICE BLAZER WST1 tyres and I am extremely happy. I have been looking for new tyres for some time but there was nothing interesting in the local shops.I decided to go online. I took a risk and ordered the Sailun ICE BLAZER WST1 tyres. That was a good choice. ABS and ESP systems in my vehicle did not have to activate at all. If you are looking for good quality tyres and price constitutes the main criteria, then these tyres are for you. more »

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All season tyres: Sailun

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All models of Sailun all season tyres

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quieter and better on absorbing road surfaces than previous Avons
Opinion david@bromley: 5.0

These tyres are performing better than i expected at the price. They seem quieter and absorb rough road surfaces better than my previous Avon zx tyres which was unexpected. I have not 'done' more than a couple of thousand miles so really can't comment on their long term wear ability, but seem to be 'going ok' well satisfied with the product more »

Fair price for decent quality
Opinion C.Rand: 3.4

Do little milage so these tyres suit me perfectly.very reasonably priced for the quality of tyre. more »

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