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Summer tyres: Hankook

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Recently added reviews

Opinion Mike: 3.9 111900

I went on this set in 1,5 year 80'000km. Impressions are as follows: BRAND NEW:+ superb dry traction+ very good wet performance+ mega quiet, good sound suppression+ very good suppression of road irregularities, the car feels comfy+ strong grip, difficult to cause ABS to work even with sudden braking (in relation to other tyres)+ somewhat nice looking tread, but less important. MADE IN CHINA, unfortunately, now they are done in China, it was heralding faster consumption and I think that's the way it is AFTER THE DISTANCE ~ 80'000km: - they are not so quiet anymore, they are average - this distance, with a calm and economical driving without being reckless, ate them up to ~ 3-4mm, so they quickly worn off to my eye. + on the wet still great (better only I have had was UniRoyal Rainsport) +/- on dry is so, so- rolling resistance increased, and so the combustion rate- on the slippery road one has to be more careful, the back of the car hasn't the best grip+ so far I have not piunctured any.- on the highway they are louder, while the new ones were much quieter.- we have a mild winter and there is no snow anywhere, so I have not changed them and, frankly, they are bad on slippery conditions compared to other summer ones that I have had, generally light snow slush makes it hard to drive but I take into accont that they already had 80000km of mileage and only half tread, so maybe it just has to be this way. Would I buy them again? I chose between Nokian and Vredestein and a few more. I did not bear that these were made in china .... next I will buy Vredestein or some other premium brand. If someone is not too reckless it should last longer. They say that hard tyres are less safe, but if you're a level-headed driver they will last longer. If I compare them to others, UniRoyal RainExpert was better than them and they were perfect tyres for rain and worse weather in general, while in hot weather they were worse, worn out similarly to those and I thought that they would last a lot longer than those. I drive rather calmly, which makes all of 4 tyres wear out very evenly. more »

I recommend that tyre.
Opinion Maro: 4.5 111150

It took me a while to decide what to choose. I was wondering. Should I strech my budget a bit and buy some branded premium class tyres? I said no and i bought Hankook Ventus Prime2 K115 and I am satisfied that I didn't overpay.They are a lot cheaper than Pirelli or Michelins, but the quality they offer in my opinion excelent. They handle well in the dry, my car sticks to the road like it was glued :) They are also very good on wet. I havn't noticed aquaplaning. You only need to be careful when pulling off dynamically because sometimes they like to lose traction on wet and this is the only con I can find. Tread is quite soft but not excessively consumed after one season with virtually no signs of wear. The comfort on 17 inch rims is not bad, I would say it is decent. The tread pattern may not be a super-hyper modern but this is probably not the case. It has a firm grip on the road and it is what it should do. I noticed a slight decrease in fuel consumption. Hankook Ventus Prime2 K115 are definatelly worth the money. Hankook is a brand that started in motorsports so I believe that they know what they are doing. From now I will by Hankook without hesitation. more »

Winter tyres: Hankook

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Recently added reviews

Loss of money
Opinion Mario: 3.2 111200

I bought these tyres for this year's winter, I chose them because of greed - it was cheaper than my favorite Nokian. The tyres (my car is a rear-wheel-drive, two tons of raw weight) didn't do well in snowy corners, not not to mention starting. I compare it to Nokians, which I used previously, where the grip was sensational. I'd likt to add it's been a month since the purchase, I did almost 10k miles, and the tyres already show signs of wear, and I drive mostly in snow, as Scotland got totally covered in it. If someone is looking for tyres for a rear-wheel-drive, heavy car then I do not recommend buying Hankook Icebear W 300. I wish I didn't get tempted by saving a few pounds. Maybe I'm complaining but I have a comparison to Continental, Michelin and Nokian tyres as I used them in previous years. Maybe everyone praises Michelin and it cost a lot, but Nokian beats them in every single aspect. I don't assess them by the appearance because for me it's stupid to assess the look of the tyre, as they are to fulfill their task and not to look. And I have to add that this size has no rim protector! more »

Markov tire for adequate money.
Opinion Steven Smith: 4.1 111110

Hello, I would like to share my opinion about the tyres I purchased on I’ve been waiting some time before writing it because I really wanted to check these tyres in snow. What’s more, I decided to read comments before buying them. Now I can express my own point of view. The tyres are very nice to drive. There are different opinions about these Hankooks on the Internet. However, mine is based on driving in typical winter weather conditions. I tried to do some donuts on ice. It’s possible to do so as there are no tyres perfect for icy roads as long as you don’t use studded tyres. The overall performance of the tyres is surprising. They are doing well both in dry and wet weather. I tested them in deep snow and slush. The tyres are worth their price and therefore I would like to higly recommend them to anybody. If you are looking for durable product of great quality at a reasonable price, the Hankook Winter icept RS2 W452 constitutes a good choice for you. more »

All season tyres: Hankook

Popular models of all season tyres Hankook

All models of Hankook all season tyres

Recently added reviews

I highly recommend these tires!
Opinion Bartek: 4.6 111160

VW Caravelle 2.0TDI 4motion Long I highly recommend these tyres if anyone is looking for all-season tyres. They are perfect for such a big car. Highway speeds, bumps suppression / high curbs, or driving out of town on unpaved roads are not a problem. Full control in the snow. In wet conditions, with very, heavy rainfall, they perform better than Pirelli. One drawback may be the increased noise (it is possible that due to the dimensions of the car - the longest body version - which is quite loud in itself). Once again, I honestly recommend. And additionally fast and efficient shipment from Oponeo. more »

Excellent grip in the snow
Opinion Tim Brandenburg: 4.9 111190

I put these on as I knew snow was coming. Before having these tyres I wouldn’t do driving lessons in the snow now with the grip they give it’s not a problem but I do make students aware of the tyres. The tyres will take the car up hills in snow and dig in to pull you up the hill as long as your sensible with your acceleration. I would definitely buy them again. more »

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