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Summer tyres: Marangoni

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Marangoni VERSO
positively surprised
Opinion zadowolony: 3.8

tires made about 1000 km on dry pavement handle well, faint, nicely listen to the steering wheel; choosing tires more suggested out what will keep the rain and here a pleasant surprise during abrupt starts ESP switches on and off with inhibition also has no problems a little worse in driving through the roundabout to feel that slip slightly but do not lead to falling out of the track - perhaps for the I compare it with Kumho and try to quickly overcome the bend. Certainly better from expensive exercise which practically Kumho after 4 years and approximately 40 thousand were already dangerous. In this price range (for new 215/55/17 XL), in addition to the Chinese or stimulants, good Italian tire. more »

Marangoni VERSO
The behavior of the tire at about 5-10 C otorzenia tragic
Opinion ropson997: 3.2

I bought these tires (fortunately, 2 pcs.) On the front axle. The price was good because maily 1.5 years back I decided to not mainly due to the protective rim rant. Advantages: - the price for which he bought, - tire again - apparently lifetime warranty Cons: - wet grip - the tragedy - traction in temp. 5-10 C gruesome. Forced me to very fast spacers on winter tires. - While driving impression of the tire when starting obkręcały the rim. - Prone to squealing tires pretty quiet even with traction (I've never had such a situation) - somehow seems worse driving for 10-year bridgestonach (Marangoni may be quieter, but with poor adhesion) - while driving seem unbalanced (we'll see how the next season will be on the re-weighting) - tire width narrower than bridgestony of the same dimensions - are a more high. . . Compares to bridgestonów as such I had started earlier. more »

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Winter tyres: Marangoni

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Marangoni METEO HP
I would definitely recommend!
Opinion Jaszczomp: 4.8

I got these tires in compensation. Initially, I shot a little nose at "pasta", but now I can safely recommend them. Drive tires on the front axle of the BMW 530d. As for adhesion: the rear axle of sitting at the same time mounted as the new Bridgestone Blizzak LM30 and many times the car rotates or wanted to turn on wet or snow, or Marangoni have better traction. For dry or wet braking is better than the continentalach that I had previously. The downside is perceptible noise, solid construction and odd sizes. The tire is significantly narrower than my other tires in this size. About the sustainability of this ride on them already the third winter, I assume it only on the front axle, beat about 20 thousand miles and have not lost more than 2 mm in thickness of the tread. more »

Marangoni METEO HP
I would recommend if someone drives on snow or ice.
Opinion Szwagier: 4.7

This is not the latest Continental tires, but looking at the price, I can only recommend. Uses size 205/50R17 in the BMW e46. At the beginning of scared, because in dry conditions in ferreting felt a sharp bend, no but I wanted to go in the corner like a sports summer tire, then braked on a damp tarmac and the tires to slip. Currently, I am to Hawaii, snow and ice, and the tires excel great, no problems with moving off or braking. Great hold when cornering, the only problem when reversing, this is a slide. Tires great for true winter conditions, to this very quiet. more »

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