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Seiberling Performance
Excellent price / quality ratio
Opinion José López "Dobleazur": 4.6

It is a 2nd Bridgestone brand. They are manufactured in Italy. After 3,500 km traveled, mounted on the front, its performance is excellent. (I hope to mount in rear (drive) when mounted current (Goodyear Efficient GripPerformance) down less than 1.6 mm deep) commented that they must scrupulously maintain pressure levels, and even see that (in the front) the Convergence is correct because it is a very soft tire and charged with strong side, overall or central wear, pressure abnormalities, convergence, poor weight distribution, etc. Provides great driving comfort, safety with water and dry in heavy braking, cornering .. There are very quiet, because if they were below 67 dB would be "pluperfect" Good quality / price ratio. Sincerely I recommend. more »

Seiberling Performance
Very good quality at a low price
Opinion DuDa84: 4.1

I would recommend strongly this tire. After driving 8000 km I can comment on almost superlatives. Very good grip in the corners at fast speeds, high comfort, good selection of inequality, on the water 7/10 is not ideal but it is very well. Wear minimal after one season. Generally, during the change of Continental in the summer you can not see the difference, so I highly recommend, especially at this price. more »

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